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Essential Reasons and Key Benefits of Implementing a CAFM Solution

January 29, 2021

What Exactly is CAFM?

CAFM is an acronym for Computer-Aided Facility Management, facility management software designed to optimize and automate daily property operations pertaining to inspection, maintenance, tenant relations, sub-contractor management, and compliance tracking.

CAFM can be pivotal in connecting and streamlining the building and its associated facilities with the operations and occupants of the organization implementing the FM software.

Five Essential Reasons of Implementing a CAFM Solution

1. Accuracy

Although spreadsheets are a simple way to log information and manage workflow, it is suitable for small scale use only. Moreover, it offers little consistency in data capturing and reporting and is vulnerable to significant data security risks. In contrast, the CAFM system will allow you to log, report, and monitor data information with high accuracy improving overall performance, communication, and expenses.

2. Cost

The comprehensive reporting capability of a CAFM allows you to use data in real-time for efficient and informed decision making. Having efficient access to information allows your facility managers to manage

resources more productively and adequately. For instance, regular scheduling maintenance helps extend assets’ life, effectively gauge performance against SLAs, streamline operations to meet deadlines, and avoid penalties for non-performance.

3. Flexibility

Being a cloud-based software, CAFM allows you to remotely access your facilities management system on any device from any location, even without the Internet connection. This means you can have continuous access to an accurate real-time record of the workflow, for example, field personnel uploading information such as voice notes and pictures, and managers allocating tasks based on each team member’s geographical location.

4. Integration

Most CAFMs offer a user-friendly system interface to minimize the learning curve. Additionally, some of them can integrate third-party applications such as asset management and ERP systems using the API, integration with IoT sensors, and integration with BIM to offer organization-wide operational transparency.

5. Big Data

CAFM is becoming an integral part of facility management services to use information in an efficient manner. Having immediate access to information regarding asset’s location, history, and lifecycle cost allows your organization to translate it into effective predictive maintenance strategies.

CAFM solution

Ten Main Benefits of CAFM Solution

CAFM (Computer-Aided Facility Management) provides several benefits in facility management, including:

1. Streamlined Reactive Maintenance and Work Order Management

Facility and maintenance management software, like Singu FM, equips managers, service personnel, and even tenants with communication and information tools to monitor your building’s work orders effectively. A CAFM not only provides you an intuitive facility management system to create and monitor a task but also manages its cost. Whether it is an unforeseen defect or scheduled maintenance, CAFM allows you to track data and take actions as and when necessary.

2. Optimized Preventive and Planned Maintenance

Wasting your time, efforts, and money on repair tasks is the last thing your organization needs. A proactive approach to facilities maintenance is far better than a firefighting approach. A CAFM system provides practical features for field service. It empowers your facilities management team to stay on top of the building’s maintenance and management, hence prolonging the lifespan of your assets and equipment. Preventive and planned maintenance software allows you to decrease equipment downtime and reduce the number of major repairs, lower maintenance costs, increase overall efficiency and productivity using well-maintained assets, and much more.

3. Effective Asset Management

Cloud CAFM system allows you to manage your building’s assets effectively. Besides managing asset data, storing documents for immediate access, and viewing assets in the 3D model, you can also use it to measure your assets efficiently via sets of pre-defined metrics, get real-time data on equipment, easily monitor the lifetime of each asset, and more.

4. Improved Contractor Management

Improve your contractor management via CAFM. You can conveniently interact with your third-party subcontractors. Using a facility management system allows you to store ratings, share documents and monitor SLAs, etc. It is also a powerful tool to manage your contractors’ information and streamline communication via the vendor mobile portal. Consequently, you can improve efficiency and receive better insight into the performance of contractors. Contractor Management done with CAFM system allow access to your contractors to sign in into your portal to update the status of their digital maintenances and work orders. Hence, you always have an updated status of each task.

5. Reduced Maintenance Costs

Easy access to essential financial information, track spending, and lower costs are crucial, and facility management software solutions make it possible. Cloud CAFM system enables you to streamline processes such as cost reporting, approval processes, and monitor maintenance finances. Additionally, you can conveniently approve and block expenses via desktop or mobile apps, add notes with explanations, and streamline the communication between all parties involved in making financial decisions.

6. IoT Integration = Smarter Facility and Maintenance Management

Internet of Things (IoT) is not some far off concept or an imaginary world anymore. It is already here, and we can boldly admit that we live in an era of the Internet of Things. IoT sensors can be used in various

ways in different fields to make our lives easier, and it is no different for facility and maintenance management. Smart IoT sensors can, for example, precisely track workers’ movement thanks to installing NFC tags and beacons across your entire building, speed up the process of meter reading and inspections, save time and collect accurate data and much more.

7. Powerful Reporting and Data Visualization

Data is the king, however, leveraging the data would not be possible with the right data visualization and reporting system. Luckily, modern facility and maintenance management software offers customizable widgets to organize your data visualization, annual summaries, inventory statistics, and reports. What is more, they help you to stay on top of facility repair and maintenance tasks, access real-time data, and view all the information related to your building operations via various dashboards.

8. Multi-Site and Portfolio Management

Do you manage multiple properties that are spread around the world? With the facility management and maintenance software, you can manage your entire portfolio from a single platform. Managing your global real estate portfolio and handling various tasks on different sites simultaneously has never been so easy. With ease, you can view tenants’ feedback, assets’ life cycles, and data relevant to each work order. Implementing CAFM solutions allows for easy collection and storage of a building’s management and maintenance history, ensuring transparency, and creating benchmarks using accumulated data for each building in your company’s portfolio.

9. CAFM and BIM Integration

One of the latest trends in facility management is the integration with Building Information Modeling (BIM). Using this technology, you are enabled to navigate through the entire building’s 3D model and initiate a digital walkthrough for improved operations. BIM for FM systems reduce building management costs and significantly control over your assets, equipment, and properties

10. Increased Tenant Satisfaction

When implementing CAFM solutions it is important to think about the needs of everyone who occupy the building. A user-friendly facility management and maintenance app for your tenants enables them to use dashboards and widgets for convenient and efficient data analysis, quickly and easily report any building issues, and track the issues progress in real-time. Tenant portals for tenants can increase their satisfaction and help to improve communication with building managers, technicians, and others. It is also a powerful tool for managers allowing them to, for example, access relevant documents pertaining to each tenant, launch campaigns, and create surveys to collect tenants’ feedback and constantly improve their satisfaction.

How Does CAFM Improve the Efficiency and Productivity of Facility Management Tasks?

CAFM (Computer-Aided Facility Management) improves the efficiency and productivity of facility management tasks by automating many manual processes, providing real-time data, and facilitating communication and collaboration between all stakeholders. Some specific ways and benefits of CAFM helps with this include:

  • Automated workflows - CAFM software streamlines workflows by automating manual processes, such as creating and tracking work orders, generating reports, and monitoring maintenance schedules.
  • Real-time data access - one of the benefits of CAFM software is that the system provides real-time data, enabling FM professionals to access information quickly and make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Mobile access - CAFM software can be accessed from mobile devices, allowing FM professionals to manage their facilities from anywhere, at any time.
  • Improved communication - CAFM software facilitates communication and collaboration between all stakeholders, including facilities management, tenants, contractors, and suppliers.
  • Enhanced asset tracking - CAFM software provides robust tools for asset tracking, helping FM professionals to keep track of the location, status, and maintenance history of their assets.

By automating manual processes, providing real-time data, and facilitating communication, CAFM offers various benefits and enables FM professionals to focus on higher-value tasks and improve their overall efficiency and productivity.

There are More Benefits of Using a CAFM Solution than You Think

Facilities management software solutions are one of the most innovative advancements in the past decade. With a huge variety of features and benefits, computer-aided facility management software like Singu FM can help your organization keep better track of your facility's operations and assets and achieve better productivity and plan efficiently.

Do you want to learn more? Discover over a hundred of benefits of implementing CAFM system and download our e-book for free.

Get a free demo and see in action how Singu FM can streamline your facility management operations.

Written by:
Adam Penkala
PropTech Expert

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