What We Offer Our Team Members

We’re always looking for enthusiastic, talented people who want to bring their skills to our Velis #PROptechTEAM.

You’ll fit right in with us if…

You’re a savvy, creative type who likes big ideas and wants to ride the latest waves of tech. And you want to do that surrounded by co-workers — a team — that share that passion. We emphasize collaborative creativity and expect everyone at Velis to bring their ideas forward — and to listen to those of their teammates. Our growth curve has been founded on this cooperative approach, which is strengthened by our positive work environment.

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Work the World

Our clients are international in scope. Working with us means working with interesting people the world over.

Be On the Cutting Edge

Explore new technologies and know you’ll always be at the tip of the tech spear with access to the latest, innovative tools of the trade.

Join a Team

Be part of an experienced, friendly workforce. We incorporate many great team-building activities and community volunteer efforts.

Grow With Us

We’re a fast-growing company whose home is a modern office located in a high-technology park. We offer flex scheduling, a casual work environment where you can meet top-notch colleagues.

Your Development Matters

We emphasize self-development, providing varied opportunities for career development, professional training, and subsidized English courses.

The Practicalities of Life

We provide a wide range of important practical benefits, including medical insurance, paid holidays, and flexible paid time off.

A Photo Gallery of Life at Velis

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Our Values

Team Work

We’ve built a friendly workplace that stresses communication, cooperation, and a positive atmosphere.

Whole Solutions, Not Partial Ones

Every member of our team is encouraged to think creatively and bring their ideas forward. We don’t offer off-the-shelf software but rather comprehensive and creative solutions for unique properties.

Every Step of the Way

We understand that product support needs to be there for our clients throughout the sales, implementation, and operational stages.

Code Never Sleeps

Information technology is a challenging and ever-developing field. At Velis, our experienced team stays on top of all things tech by exploring innovations and prioritizing internal training.

Always Be Prepared

The security of our clients’ data is sacrosanct. Every aspect of Singu product line is designed with security protocols as the highest priority.

One World

We’re committed to the corporate social responsibility concept.

A Video Recap of the Last Years

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Joining Our Team

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Apply With Us

Pick the option that best describes what you do or the position you’re interested in applying for (if it’s not there, then tell us more).

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We’ll Be In Touch

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We’ll Get Together

We have a minimum of one — and sometimes two — job interviews at our office.

We’ll Let You Know
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We’ll Let You Know

Within two weeks we’ll share our feedback about the interview(s)

If We’re A Match …
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If We’re A Match …

Then welcome in the team! You’ll get our welcome packet and we’ll get started working together

01. Apply With Us
02. We’ll Be In Touch
03. We’ll Get Together
04. We’ll Let You Know
05. If We’re A Match …

Got talent, but don’t see where you might fit in with us right now?

Then tell us why we should make a place for you. We’re willing to listen.

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