Work Order Software For Contractors

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Work Order Software For Contractors Features

Vendor Mobile Portal

You can easily manage contractor information because contact details, work history, invoices and more are stored on Singu FM work order software for contractors. Your contractors can log into the portal to update assigned digital work orders and maintenances, so you always have up to date information.

Vendor Ratings & Benchmarking

View a list of vendors and ratings about a specific contractor’s work orders. The feedback about contractors and data such as punctuality or quality, help you pick the best vendor for the next job. Overview of all those information you have within our work order software for contractors.

Google Map Integration

On a map you can view where your contractors are located. You’ll know which one is closest to a certain site. You can access their contact details by navigating straight from the map.

Services Offered

Singu FM work order software for contractors helps you build a catalogue which displays all vendors’ offered services. When you need assistance you’ll know exactly who can help with the particular work.

File Sharing

Avoid unnecessary paperwork by sharing documents with contractors via the Singu FM commercial and industrial real estate management portal. Insurance details, contracts, policies and maintenance guidelines can all be viewed, simplifying compliance processes and reducing risks.

Account management

Contractors can add data to their accounts on work order software for contractors, such as contact information of workers who will attend to work orders. Building managers have all the necessary details on hand if they need to contact a certain individual.

Benefits of Work Order Software for Contractors

1. Streamlined Relationships with Contractors

Minimize miscommunication and keep both parties on the same page, from start to finish.

With work order management software for contractors, you can create a vendor profile, which includes basic contact information and all the relevant files for a given project, such as draft plans or specs. You can easily store all your vendor information in one place and assign work orders to your vendors through the mobile app.

2. Maintained an All-time Vendor History

With work order software for contractors, you can maintain an all-time history of all tickets and inspections that the vendor has completed for your company.

This includes information about all the work orders, inspections, and any other information that is relevant to the vendor. Additionally, it provides vendor benchmarking and helps with further analysis.

3. Simplified Communication with Vendors

Your communication with vendors will be simplified and streamlined with the mobile app.

Through the app, your contractors can access all of their information from anywhere they go. They'll receive notifications in real-time and be able to schedule appointments and view tickets whenever and wherever they are. They can also send and receive messages directly through the app.

4. Higher Customer Satisfaction

A work order software for contractors not only reduces your administrative burden but also provides you and your customers with the tools they need to do business effectively.

The first is peace of mind: Your customers can rest easy knowing that their requests are handled quickly and correctly. Because there’s a central place for them to leave requests as well as track progress on those requests, they know exactly where their tickets are at every stage.

5. Monitor Feedback through Vendor Ratings

With contractor management software, you can easily monitor feedback from customers and provide ratings for your vendors.

These vendor ratings help you decide which vendors to use for which jobs. Not only that, but they also help you assess the performance of your success of their projects and avoid any issues that may arise in the future.

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