Efficient Parking Management Software for Commercial Real Estate

Streamline your Tenant Experience with Singu FM Parking Reservation App

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Simplify Your Parking Bookings with Singu FM

Are you tired of managing parking in your commercial property? Is it a challenge to optimize parking space usage and enhance tenant experience? Singu FM has the solution – a powerful and user-friendly smart parking management system that can simplify your parking reservations, providing a convenient and hassle-free parking experience for your occupiers.

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Empower Users with Self-Service Booking and Tenant Parking Management

In today's modern workplaces, parking spots are becoming as important as desks. Singu FM's parking reservation system allows users to easily book parking spots themselves, while tenants can manage their assigned parking spaces.

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Let users book parking spots and tenants manage assigned spaces.
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Manage parking lots like hot desks for hybrid operations.
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Maximize parking usage, value of leased assets, and tenant satisfaction.
Mobile Parking Reservation App

Empower your tenants and employees with the Singu FM parking reservation app, which allows them to easily book spaces and access their parking data on-the-go. With the user-friendly mobile app, tenants can reserve parking spots in advance and view parking availability in real-time.

parking management software for commercial real estate
Smart Parking Solutions with Singu FM

Singu offers more than just a parking management solution. It is a comprehensive tenant software solution that streamlines facility management, enhances tenant engagement, and automates vehicle access control through license plate recognition systems and RFID sensors. With seamless integration of all these features, Singu enables you to easily manage your parking operations, monitor available parking spaces, and generate detailed reports on parking usage.

Real-Time Parking Booking

Keep track of parking usage and availability in real-time, allowing you to optimize your parking resources.

parking management software for commercial real estate
Customizable Reports

Generate reports on parking usage to help you make informed decisions about your parking management.

parking management software for commercial real estate
Seamless Integration

Integrate Singu with access control systems, license plate recognition systems, tenant experience apps, and facility and maintenance management software.

parking management software for commercial real estate
Passes Management

The centralized administration dashboard enables admins to efficiently manage permits to automatize vehicle entries.

parking management software for commercial real estate
Upgrade Your Parking Access Control with ANPR Technology

Looking for a powerful parking access control system that includes automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology? Singu FM has got you covered! Our ANPR system automates the process of opening barriers, identifying and tracking vehicles entering and exiting your parking lot, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

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Benefits of Singu Parking Management Software

Enhance tenant experience with an innovative parking reservation system that simplifies booking and sharing parking spaces, making daily commutes stress-free and hassle-free.


Save valuable time and resources by automating parking administration tasks and cutting down administration time by up to 90%.


Reduce costs by optimizing parking capacity utilization with a parking spot reservation system, leading to up to a 50% reduction in parking expenses.


Boost tenant satisfaction by providing a seamless parking reservation app, resulting in up to a 95% reduction in parking complaints.

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Parking Spot Reservation System for CRE
Seamless Access
Enjoy a stress-free parking experience with integrated access using ANPR technology.
Self-Service Parking Management
Empower your tenants to manage their own parking spaces.
Maximize Leased Assets
Boost the value of leased assets by maximizing the number of available parking spots for your tenants.
Convenient and Secure
Enhance security and simplify management with automated monitoring of vehicles and occupancy.
Competitive Advantage
Increase retention rates and attract new tenants to your commercial property with a convenient parking solution.
Productive Work Culture
Improve work culture with fair parking policies for tenant employees, leading to higher engagement, productivity, and retention.
What Our Customers Say

Singu FM has earned the trust of top CRE companies to address their diverse challenges including parking lot management.

Ramin Sarkarov
Senior Enterprise Resources Planning Specialist at FMG

The main advantage was that the communication process was improved. Every member of a process can access the platform and see the status of the task at any time. With the Singu FM platform, delegating projects and supervising them is a breeze.

Teona Khitarishvili
Facility Manager, Galleria Tbilisi

The platform can also increase the satisfaction of our tenants by providing them with a mobile and easy-to-use solution.

Ondřej Pěnička
Technical Manager, ECE

Highly flexible, excellent support, and intuitive. We use Singu FM for daily proactive, as well as reactive maintenances, including inspection, checklists, sharing information, informing clients, and a lot more. The cross-platform compatibility and quick and smooth behavior make the system a very useful tool.

Magdalena Oksańska
Head of Property Management Compliance, Knight Frank Poland

The implementation of Singu FM not only proved to be a step forward in the quality of our services but also significantly improved the efficiency of our internal processes. The response time required for various queries has now been reduced to a minimum. Our clients can enjoy better communication and faster service.

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