Multi Site & Portfolio Management

Simplified Management Across Multiple Sites

Global Dashboard

For those managing more than one property, Singu FM simplifies various tasks. View feedback from tenants, data on digital work order details, asset lifecycles and much more. View each building’s statistics around the world at the click of a button, all from one real estate rental management software platform.

Real Estate Database

All your real estate data is contained in one place. If you only need data on one site, use the easy filter features to quickly access the information you need.


Use the collected data to create benchmarks for each building in your portfolio. You can measure tenants’ satisfaction, consider device performance and monitor work orders to determine how to improve ratings in future.

Google Maps Visualization

Get a visual representation of your building assets. See their locations on a map thanks to Google maps integration. Add building images, addresses, names and more to instantly view basic details of your building portfolio.

Tenant Details

The tenant list provides instant access to detailed information about all tenants in a building as a comprehensive database.

Property Data

Don’t ever waste time looking for building information again. You can save any relevant property information such as construction details, warranties and more on Singu FM, enabling instant access to facts when you need them.

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Check Out More Features

IOT Integration

Use modern technology in the form of NFC tags and transmitting beacons to simplify various building management tasks. Through Bluetooth and IoT for building management technology, these units communicate with Android and iOS mobile devices for tracking, asset identification & more. Online and offline functions are enabled on the maintenance management program.

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Real Time Location Tracking

With GPS location features combined with IoT sensors, the maintenance work order system gives you both indoor and outdoor location data of your team. With data on buildings’ map coordinates, workers’ schedules and their real time locations, you can make informed choices delegating daily tasks.

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Global Region Support

Enhance coordinating a global property portfolio by having an access to all your buildings data in one place.

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A Powerful Tool For Real Estate Professionals

Singu FM has become a proven tool for property owners, asset managers, businesspeople, contractors, and anyone who wants to handle property inspections professionally and effectively.

For Owners and Management

1. Always stay in the loop about where your team is in the inspection process.

2. Standardize procedures for increased consistency.

3. Add notes, photos, and relevant files to prevent costly mistakes and protect yourself legally.

4. Improve the efficiency of your real estate management team by providing a mobile solution that works.

5. Impress clients with sleek, customized reports.

6. Use Singu FM to your competitive advantage and win new customers.

For Staff

1. Mobile capabilities make operations more efficient and timely.

2. Impress clients with productive, professional inspections — all while cutting down on paperwork.

3. Minimize time spent on inspections and reports.

4. Cut down on the need to make phone calls and revisit sites.

5. Binders or portfolios are never left behind — or lost in transit.

For Clients and Tenants

1. Generate easy-to-understand property inspection reports that your clients can use.

2. Ensure that clients receive detailed checklists, including comments and photos, that corroborate property conditions.

3. Protect clients from troublesome tenants — or even legal action — that weak inspection procedures and poor documentation can lead to.

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