Corporate Social Responsibility

We All Have To Take Care of One Another

Just as we’ve built a positive and collaborative work environment internally, we also are dedicated to the concept of corporate social responsibility. This means not shirking our responsibility to live by the formal rules and regulations of any locale in which we’re working, but to also actively contribute to communities and help maintain a healthy environment for one and all.

Our Three-Legged Stool of Being a Good Corporate Citizen

Our overall corporate framework is built on a foundation of three themes: the individuals who function as members of intertwined cultures that all share the same Earth.

Working With Individuals

An effective team cares about each member. Our company’s culture not only stresses a positive, creative environment but also promotes a healthy work/life balance. Our initiatives also support individuals from outside the Velis team, whose well-being is equally important, for example, students.

Understanding That We Are Social Beings

No person — or company — is an island. We support charitable endeavours for society, including financial and in-kind support for childcare and early education centres, senior living facilities, and training schemes for university students.

We All Share an Environment

Our company is managed with the ecosystem we share in mind. Both our products and our internal operations seek to limit the release of greenhouse gasses, support recycling, lighten the environmental footprint, and more.

Putting Words Into Action

We’ve found a variety of ways to give back to the community and support initiatives bringing positive change.

Mental Health Matters

At Velis, we understand the importance of taking care of our employees’ mental health. That’s why we have given our team members access to a platform dedicated to providing high-quality psychological and self-development support available 24/7. We believe in empowering our team members to thrive both personally and professionally.

Help for Ukraine

We stand with Ukraine during this difficult time. Our employees have initiated various campaigns to provide aid and support for different purposes, including sending medical supplies and equipment or helping displaced families.

Increasing Health Awareness

At Velis, we are committed to promoting health awareness, particularly during Breast Cancer Awareness Month for ladies in October and Male Cancer Awareness Month (Movember) in November. We encourage our team members to participate in these initiatives and support our local community’s efforts to fight against these diseases.

Sharing is Caring

As part of our Share to Care program, we are dedicated to supporting people with disabilities. We have provided a psychologist to trainers of programming classes for autistic individuals and have supported organizations that provide hippotherapy and rehabilitation holidays for disabled children, adults, and their families. We believe in making a positive impact in the world.

Active Bonding

At Velis, we believe in the importance of bonding and staying active. That’s why we organize regular trips, including cycling trips, volleyball games, and mountain adventures. These activities not only promote the health and well-being of our team but also strengthen our relationships as a company.

Charity Through Sport

As part of Velis’ ongoing effort to make the world a better place, we are pleased to support Stelvio for Life – a 21 km charity climb on the Passo dello Stelvio in Italian Alps that raises funds for fundamental research for personalized cancer treatment. Velis became the Bronze Sponsor of one of the teams taking part in this event onsite – the Team of our client, Prologis company.

Tools For Sustainable Decision-Making

Our Singu product line gives you powerful tools with which to collect data and communicate with all of your stakeholders. This enables decision-making that cuts down on waste, saves energy, and heightens the safety of everyone working at your properties.

Saving Trees

Our Singu suite of software, cloud-based solutions, and scanning technologies take the paper out of real estate management. No more sign-in sheets on clipboards, no more logbooks. That’s a lot of paper saved.

Tree icon
About 600 000 A4 sheets of paper saved per year

Cutting Emissions

By making entries, exits, and parking more efficient at commercial and industrial facilities, our products help cut down on the idling of vehicles when they might otherwise get bogged down at facilities managed less efficiently. This contributes to decreasing the amount of carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere.

Cutting emissions icon
Over 70 tons of carbon dioxide produced by cars reduced per year thanks to Singu SSD implementations

Better Data, Better Decisions

Better data means a wide variety of better decisions. Our Singu suite of tools enables you to better manage the heating, cooling, lighting, and waste pickup scheduling for your facilities.

Data in the cloud

Security and Communication

Using Singu to better manage entry and tracking into facilities brings a higher level of overall security to operations. This is crucial at all times, but even more so while battling a pandemic. Our expansive feedback tools also allow you to communicate better with tenants, raising their satisfaction level and better serving their needs.

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Saving Trees
Cutting Emissions
Better Data, Better Decisions
Security and Communication