Self Check In

Streamlined Self Check-in

Safe and Fast Touchless Visitor Experience

With Singu Guestbook, visitors are screened before they arrive and provided all the information they need — including health and safety instructions. When they arrive, they can be processed “hands free” using touchless technology.

Self Check In Features

Branded iPad Welcome Screen

The sign-in kiosk showcases a modern and professional approach to business. Via the iPad touchscreen, intuitive features facilitate fast registration to obtain guest details. Customize the digital check in system with your brandings like company logo, layout colors, or the office image.

Multilingual Interface

With Singu, everyone feels welcome! Language barriers don’t have to be an obstacle at your sign-in kiosk ever again. Facilitate the registration process in one of +/-20 languages with more languages added regularly.

Mobile Check-in

Meeting invitations contain QR codes that make registration quicker than ever. Guests can display them on their mobile phones and scan them via the iPad self-station. This automatically registers them based on their personal information contained in the invitation.

Multitenant Support

Customize the virtual receptionist kiosk by adding unlimited number of company logos to the interface. This boosts brand awareness and makes registration easy for guests.

Specify Your Host

This is an easy way for guests to find the host from the company they’re visiting. After picking the company, the visitor starts writing the host's name on the iPad, selects it when it appears on the list, and continues with registration.

Photo Capturing

Access to data empowers you. Take photos of visitors for security reasons. The historical data provides images of all past guests that can be used in case of an incident. Also enable faster registration in the future while creating a friendlier environment when employees recognize visitors based on the collected images.

NDA Signing

Waste less time on administrative tasks and let guests sign NDA agreements even before they reach a company’s offices. Digital signing can take place via Singu’s electronic visitor management system. Each tenant can add its own NDA or other legal documents they need to get signed.

Badge Printing

After checking in, the visitor receives a printed badge with visitor data, company logo, and QR codes for access throughout the building. The professional badge also assists in managing building security.

Extra Security Layers

With Singu Guestbook, a wide range of information on who’s entering and exiting the building can be collated — and shared — quickly. Not just watchlists and reports, but emergency messages that reach all visitors in a facility within seconds increasing security.

Why You Need Touchless Technology In Times Of COVID-19

Touchless check-in means fewer people coming in contact with common surfaces like touchscreens, pens, and counters when they enter and exit.

Multiple Check-in Stations

Incorporate more than one iPad on one building’s system. Prevent queueing and speed up the registration process of large numbers of guests. Singu Guestbook will sync the captured data across all devices that form part of the building’s digital check in system.

All-in-One Kiosk

Instead of taking up valuable space at your front desk, opt for a totem in your front office. You can have a stylish, space saving check in system that incorporates both the iPad and the DYMO printer as one totem unit.

Access Control System Integration

Upgrade your access control system by integrating Singu Guestbook’s QR code scanners with turnstiles, tripods, and even lifts. The API application is compatible with leading manufacturers’ equipment and the scanner can recognize QR codes straight from mobile phones. It improves your guests’ movement through the building and enhances your security.

Two-factor Entry Authorization

For an additional layer of safety and security, implement a double-entry authorization based on the QR codes integration. This is helpful for buildings where high security is a priority, such as financial institutions or R&D centers.

Return Visits

The system captures and stores information of guests so it can be used when a visitor returns. With visitor recognition and data fields already populated, guests bypass certain registration steps, making the process simpler & faster for regular visitors.

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Touchless Check-In

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