IOT Integration

Practical Solutions Thanks to IoT Integration

Checkpoints and Tracking Movements

Checkpoints can be beacons situated all over the building, or NFC tags fixed to assets. These control points supply data on where employees have been. They track activities such as inspections by automatically registering with technicians’ mobile devices when they scan NFC tags or come close to the beacon.

IoT Sensors Integration

Collect even more information about the building's condition using IoT sensors that streamline monitoring, e.g., CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, people presence, indoor air quality control, and much more. Set alarm levels for sensor readings and get notified when exceeded.

Asset Tracking

The beacons and NFC tags on assets help you identify where they are in the building. Also, when workers need to create a digital work order, access asset documentation or enter meter readings, simply scan the tag on that asset to speed up the process.

Mobile Inspections

Bring your mobile device close to an NFC tag on equipment or location you need to inspect and it will immediately identify the related asset. The Singu app will give access to checklists, documentation and other relevant information to speed up work and make reporting easier.

Inventory Management

Asset and inventory management becomes easy because an NFC tag that communicates with a mobile device tells you where exactly an item is located. If it’s in a wrong room, you’ll know. Tracking items is easy and this helps combat asset theft.

Meter Readings

Speed up meter reading tasks by quick scanning of a meter IoT tag and easily add the consumption level. When integrating with smart metering, the process can be fully automated.

Measuring Work Time

With NFC technology and mobile devices you can log when workers enter or exit the premises. This creates accurate records of time worked and helps you see when employees leave early or arrive late.

Keys & Resource Management

With NFC tags on equipment and the facility management technology you can easily track who took a certain item, when it took place and whether it was returned.

Check Out More Features

Asset Management

Managing of assets can be complex but it becomes easier when one asset maintenance management software empowers you to monitor inventories, system conditions, warranties, maintenance and more. Get easy access to data to enable a cost effective method of fully utilizing assets’ lifecycles. When action is necessary, easily manage the appropriate tasks and role players.

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Meter Readings

Capture meter readings via IoT technology and a mobile app for effective asset maintenance.

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Access Card & Key Management

Use NFC technology to monitor key exchanges and manage access cards for visitors and employees.

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A Powerful Tool For Real Estate Professionals

Singu FM has become a proven tool for property owners, asset managers, businesspeople, contractors, and anyone who wants to handle property inspections professionally and effectively.

For Owners and Management

1. Always stay in the loop about where your team is in the inspection process.

2. Standardize procedures for increased consistency.

3. Add notes, photos, and relevant files to prevent costly mistakes and protect yourself legally.

4. Improve the efficiency of your real estate management team by providing a mobile solution that works.

5. Impress clients with sleek, customized reports.

6. Use Singu FM to your competitive advantage and win new customers.

For Staff

1. Mobile capabilities make operations more efficient and timely.

2. Impress clients with productive, professional inspections — all while cutting down on paperwork.

3. Minimize time spent on inspections and reports.

4. Cut down on the need to make phone calls and revisit sites.

5. Binders or portfolios are never left behind — or lost in transit.

For Clients and Tenants

1. Generate easy-to-understand property inspection reports that your clients can use.

2. Ensure that clients receive detailed checklists, including comments and photos, that corroborate property conditions.

3. Protect clients from troublesome tenants — or even legal action — that weak inspection procedures and poor documentation can lead to.

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