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Asset Management Software Features

Equipment Metrics

The equipment management software can help measure the efficiency of your assets thanks to a set of pre-defined metrics incorporated in the building facility maintenance software. It’s relevant and market related, thanks to our experience in this field.

Custom Equipment Parameters & Attributes

Save data on equipment models like usage hours, temperature, and many other particulars. Customize the equipment management software to your needs by creating attributes to store, as well as parameters that you can track over time. View data as graphs to assist in decision making.

Asset Tagging

Tag assets with QR codes and NFC tags. This makes it easy to place assets on the digital floorplan. When you come close to a tag, your mobile phone will pick up the signal and you can easily navigate to specific data relating to the asset.


Save a photo of an asset on the Singu FM equipment management software platform for reference. This can be done online and offline. You can also leave comments or edit a photo, such as drawing on the image to show the position of a defect.

Floor Plans

The CMMS system can display interactive floorplans via mobile or desktop, that show where assets are located. Use this to train new technicians, understand how a facility is being used and know where to go to tend to a certain asset.


Add electronic versions of technical data, manuals, instructions and more. You can attach PDFs, photos or videos on our equipment maintenance software. This provides easy access to assets’ documents and everything is stored in one place.

BIM Integration

You can integrate your BIM model with Singu FM to improve asset management. There’s a built in BIM viewer, so it’s easy to use your existing BIM data with your Singu FM equipment management software.

Downtime Tracking

Track your assets’ downtime over time to predict future problems. Calculate the cost of downtime to make informed decisions about replacement costs.

Warranty Tracking

On Singu FM’s equipment management software you can attach warranty information to any asset. Instantly know whether an item is still covered and know when to schedule services or repairs when a warranty is near its end. Filtering enables easy tracking, such as viewing those still under warranty.

Asset Lifetime and Depreciation

The Singu FM equipment maintenance software contains all relevant data of each asset, in one centralized location. This makes it easier to calculate depreciation and monitor assets’ lifetime in order to plan replacements & maintenance.

Asset History

The equipment management software uses information on work orders to create a complete history of each asset. You’ll know about defects & maintenance and you can track fixing times for each item. Access to complete information helps with reporting, managing life cycles and preventing downtime.

Defined Inspections

Provide easy access to an asset’s inspection information. Know all technical details and view an inspection checklist for effective asset management and maintenance.

Import Templates

It’s easy to add existing data, such as asset information to equipment management software. Import templates help you add a bulk of information quickly.


The equipment management software links consumable information with an ordering module. This makes for easy consumable replacement and parts ordering, saving technicians & purchase managers valuable time.

Asset Components

Track information on equipment but also the various sub-components of that asset. Log maintenance and repair data on each item so you have a thorough record of each asset.

Benefits of Asset Management Software

1. Centralized Maintenance and Equipment Information

Equipment management software allows you to centralize equipment information shared between multiple users and activities into one database.

Based on the granted privileges, authorized personnel can then easily access the specific data. A central repository also reduces data entry errors caused by various users entering different versions of similar data into multiple spreadsheets or documents at the same time.

2. Streamlined Reporting

Easy to use, intuitive interface of equipment maintenance software makes creating and sharing reports a breeze.

Reporting is one of the most important aspects of equipment management. The reporting process can also be customized based on specific parameters, so you get exactly the information you need.

3. Tracking Equipment’s Maintenance Costs

Equipment management software automatically tracks your equipment’s maintenance costs and generates a budget that you can adjust based on your needs.

Knowing the actual costs of maintaining your equipment will allow you to make informed decisions about how much you need to allocate for future maintenance. This can help you save money in the long run by avoiding unnecessary spending and budgeting accordingly.

4. Reduced Equipment Downtime

Equipment management software makes it possible for a company to reduce maintenance costs by keeping equipment in good working condition.

It also improves productivity, increases asset life, improves safety, improves customer satisfaction, and reduces risk. The good news is that the solution can help you achieve all these benefits and more.

5. Increased Safety and Security

Equipment maintenance software helps you increase the security of your equipment and assets.

With Equipment Management Software, you will have the ability to know what equipment is where, when, and who has access to it. You can also set up alerts and reminders for maintenance so that you know exactly when equipment is due for maintenance.

6. Saved time and Money by Improved Efficiency

Management of your organization's assets and equipment can save you money and time, ultimately improving your efficiency.

With equipment maintenance software, you can track assets from purchase to disposal, manage regular maintenance schedules, including preventive maintenance, generate work orders to automate repairs, create reports on asset history and costs, and more.

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