Asset Management

Effective Asset Management


Singu FM can help measure the efficiency of your assets thanks to a set of pre-defined metrics incorporated in the building facility maintenance software. It’s relevant and market related, thanks to our experience in this field.

Custom Parameters & Attributes

Save data on equipment models like usage hours, temperature, and many other particulars. Customize the computer maintenance software to your needs by creating attributes to store, as well as parameters that you can track over time. View data as graphs to assist in decision making.

Asset Tagging

Tag assets with QR codes and NFC tags. This makes it easy to place assets on the digital floorplan. When you come close to a tag, your mobile phone will pick up the signal and you can easily navigate to specific data relating to the asset.


Save a photo of an asset on the Singu FM asset tracking software platform for reference. This can be done online and offline. You can also leave comments or edit a photo, such as drawing on the image to show the position of a defect.

Floor Plans

The CMMS system can display interactive floorplans via mobile or desktop, that show where assets are located. Use this to train new technicians, understand how a facility is being used and know where to go to tend to a certain asset.


Add electronic versions of technical data, manuals, instructions and more. You can attach PDFs, photos or videos. This provides easy access to assets’ documents and everything is stored in one place.

BIM Integration

You can integrate your BIM model with Singu FM to improve asset management. There’s a built in BIM viewer, so it’s easy to use your existing BIM data with your Singu FM asset property maintenance platform.

Asset Lifetime and Depreciation

The Singu FM CMMS software contains all relevant data of each asset, in one centralized location. This makes it easier to calculate depreciation and monitor assets’ lifetime in order to plan replacements & maintenance.

Downtime Tracking

Track your assets’ downtime over time to predict future problems. Calculate the cost of downtime to make informed decisions about replacement costs.

Asset History

Asset management uses information on work orders to create a complete history of each asset. You’ll know about defects & maintenance and you can track fixing times for each item. Access to complete information helps with reporting, managing life cycles and preventing downtime.

Defined Inspections

Provide easy access to an asset’s inspection information. Know all technical details and view an inspection checklist for effective asset management and maintenance.

Warranty Tracking

On Singu FM’s equipment management system you can attach warranty information to any asset. Instantly know whether an item is still covered and know when to schedule services or repairs when a warranty is near its end. Filtering enables easy tracking, such as viewing those still under warranty.

Import Templates

It’s easy to add existing data, such as asset information to Singu FM. Import templates help you add a bulk of information quickly.


The facility asset management software links consumable information with an ordering module. This makes for easy consumable replacement and parts ordering, saving technicians & purchase managers valuable time.

Asset Components

Track information on equipment but also the various sub-components of that asset. Log maintenance and repair data on each item so you have a thorough record of each asset.

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A Powerful Tool For Real Estate Professionals

Singu FM has become a proven tool for property owners, asset managers, businesspeople, contractors, and anyone who wants to handle property inspections professionally and effectively.

For Owners and Management

1. Always stay in the loop about where your team is in the inspection process.

2. Standardize procedures for increased consistency.

3. Add notes, photos, and relevant files to prevent costly mistakes and protect yourself legally.

4. Improve the efficiency of your real estate management team by providing a mobile solution that works.

5. Impress clients with sleek, customized reports.

6. Use Singu FM to your competitive advantage and win new customers.

For Staff

1. Mobile capabilities make operations more efficient and timely.

2. Impress clients with productive, professional inspections — all while cutting down on paperwork.

3. Minimize time spent on inspections and reports.

4. Cut down on the need to make phone calls and revisit sites.

5. Binders or portfolios are never left behind — or lost in transit.

For Clients and Tenants

1. Generate easy-to-understand property inspection reports that your clients can use.

2. Ensure that clients receive detailed checklists, including comments and photos, that corroborate property conditions.

3. Protect clients from troublesome tenants — or even legal action — that weak inspection procedures and poor documentation can lead to.

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