Next Milestone in Velis' North American Expansion Journey!

July 14, 2023

🌟 Exciting News! Next Milestone in Our North American Expansion Journey! 🌎🇺🇸
We are thrilled to announce a talented new member from the United States! Let’s welcome Clinton Westover, our new VP of Sales for North America, who brings a wealth of experience in building and managing sales teams that consistently deliver exceptional results.
Over the past decade, based in Austin, Texas, Clinton has held key sales positions at market-leading PropTech and FinTech companies, showcasing his talent for driving performance and maximizing team potential. Prior to Velis, Clinton spent more than five years at Accruent, one of the leading providers of intelligent solutions for the built environment, spanning real estate, integrated technology systems, and the physical and digital assets they connect. Clinton served as the Director of Solutions, where his teams drove $80M in revenue growth during his tenure. We are thrilled to have you as part of our team and look forward to expanding our base in the US!

Velis Receives a Significant Growth Investment from International Investors

June 22, 2023

📢 Exciting News! 🌍✨ Velis Real Estate Tech is thrilled to announce a significant growth investment from a group of international investors, propelling us towards accelerated international expansion.

With our commitment to empowering real estate digitalization and comprehensive ESG reporting, we strive to provide great service to our global client base. Our integrated Singu Platform enables building efficiency, optimized resource management, elevated safety and security standards, informed decision-making, and support for Net Zero Carbon objectives.

This investment will fuel our growth in strategic areas, including expanding our presence in the United States and Western Europe. We are also thrilled to introduce new management members and an experienced Board of Directors, further strengthening our leadership team.

We extend a warm welcome to Pawel Malon and Marek Jakubow, who join our management team, bringing valuable knowledge and expertise.

Together, we are poised to become a global leader in providing best-in-class building and facility management software solutions, alongside advanced ESG reporting capabilities, to our real estate clients worldwide.

Read the full pre-release here.

PropTech Vienna Conference

June 1, 2022

Hungary last week, now Austria! PropTech Vienna Conference organized by Austrian PropTech Initiative (apti) was our today's destination. The event brought together over 300 players of digitization in the real estate industry - decision-makers, start-ups, universities, agents, brokers, and many other professionals.

As we are a media partner of the event and we had the pleasure to participate in the panel about the future of commercial & residential buildings. Patrycja Miklińska and Pablo Van Den Bosch, Director at Madaster, shared their perspectives on what the future will bring to the real estate industry. During the discussion, they highlighted the importance of ESG activities and the value of gathering and analyzing big data which supports the improvement of processes and making better decisions.

It was also great to meet again Zoltan Kalmar, Strategic Proptech Expert, Founder of (Hungary), and the organizer of the PropTech Hungary Conference which we attended last week!

PropTech Hungary Conference

May 25, 2022

Patrycja Miklińska and BUILDEXT, Velis' partner, attend today's PropTech Hungary Conference organized by (Hungary) in Budapest. Here are a few highlights from the event.

James Dearsley, Co-Founder of Unissu - Trusted PropTech Procurement, claimed that “PropTech is one small part of the wider digital transformation of the property industry. It describes a movement driving a mentality change within real estate industry and its consumers regarding technology-driven innovation in the data assembly, transacting and design of buildings and cities.” He also pointed out 5 key pillars of digital transformation in a new property industry: customers, competition, data, innovation, and values.

In his role as a speaker, Csaba Livják, Founder, CEO, and Leader of digital transformation at BuildEXT, presented a panel on the relations between construction industry 4.0, BIM, and PropTech. According to him, BIM models by themselves do not provide much information, but when connected to different services it can be extremely valuable.

Are you also onsite? You can find Patrycja Miklińska as well as Dr. Agnes Alice Sepp-Fekete, International Relations Director, and Csaba Melovics, Head of Marketing at BuildEXT, near BuildEXT and Singu exhibition stand. See you there!

Bratislava Property Forum

April 8, 2022

During this year's conference in Bratislava organized by Property Forum Events & News, apart from the real estate market condition overview, the attention was focused on ESG issues and the impact of the ongoing war in Ukraine on the industry.

Discover some valuable experts’ thoughts from the conference which Krzysztof Gawliczek, who was onsite, shared with us:
- Marcus Cieleback, Chief Urban Economist at PATRIZIA AG, claimed that the war in Ukraine has redefined the process of searching for safe solutions in terms of investments. The war and energy costs increase affects the real estate market. It is expected that investments in alternative real estate (tech, supply-chain, health) will be more important than before. Nevertheless, despite the visible changes in the office space use, the fact that people want to meet onsite shows a lot about how real estate is needed, especially offices. The changes will also accelerate due to the policies of Net Zero Carbon and ESG.
- Vladimír Bolek, Member of Board, IAD Investments, described the logistics real estate market as a key one and a winner, not only in the perspective of COVID-19 (which accelerated certain processes) and the war but also over the decades. There are structural changes within the supply chain - more and more hubs and spaces are needed - the critical infrastructure must be available on site. In the case of office buildings, companies focus nowadays more on taking care of space and tenants. The offices as places to meet and collaborate will not disappear.
- Dejan Mansfeld-Rupnik, Member of the Board at ECE European City Estates, emphasized that young people have different expectations regarding the workplace. The office real estate market has to be more active regarding asset management than, for example, the logistics centers market.
- Martin Šmigura, Director at WOOD & Company, believes that e-commerce will not replace shopping centers - they will change but not disappear.
- Angelus Dr. Bernreuther, Head of Investor Relationship Management, Kaufland, pointed out that ESG affects new investments and causes changes to existing buildings. The main environmental goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030. Production, logistics, and operational processes should be optimized.
- Stanislav Pagáč, Country Head & CFO Slovakia, CTP, highlighted that the inadequate shift towards environmental protection or the unsatisfactory pace of changes in ESG is not caused by a shortage of funds but by legislative barriers.

The excellent choice of speakers and valuable discussions confirm that the Property Forum conferences are invariably a lens through which you can better see and understand the processes within the CEE market.

Poland & CEE Retail Summit

April 7, 2022

The 12th edition of the Poland & CEE Retail Summit gathered over 1000 participants who listened to 200 experts performing on 4 stages. You could have met there our team members - Karolina Kowacka and Dariusz Meres.

We had the pleasure to participate in a panel „Identifying Opportunities to Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency in the Supply Chain”. Dariusz Meres, as a discussion moderator, together with experts: Jarosław Czechowicz, Country Manager, GLP, Mateusz Kapusta, Logistics Director,, and Jakub Knauer, Logistics Project Manager at Biedronka, talked about the optimization of processes in the supply chain. It was mentioned that a very important aspect is to provide a modern and properly adapted warehouse space. Another element is equipping the space with modern automation that makes work easier. It is also important to remember about work ergonomics and standardization of processes in the company's structures.

During other panels, you could also meet among the panelists the representatives of the top market players such as Jerónimo Martins, Grupa Żywiec S.A., Kaufland, BNP Paribas, or Henkel.

The event was a perfect opportunity to meet people involved in the retail market and discuss not only about chain facilities marketing but also about the practical side of managing them.

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