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Easy Work Order Management

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Reactive Maintenance Software Features

Efficiently Manage Work Orders

With our reactive maintenance software you empower tenants, building managers and technicians to handle work orders effectively. From faults to general maintenance, reactive maintenance software tracks data, empowering you to take action where necessary.

Creating Work Orders

Quickly add work orders related to the equipment displayed on the 3D model with our reactive maintenance software. Just choose any device to see its details or add a ticket with automatically completed basic information.

Work Order Overview

Enjoy a comprehensive overview of the digital work order details using our reactive maintenance software. It clearly shows each complete step and you can click to change or add information yourself.

Work Order Dispatching

The reactive maintenance software enables easy work order dispatching, delegating work to employees and adding more information. With drag and drop features, no time is wasted and it is super easy to use.

Cost Management

Managing building costs becomes easy when you can add cost details to work orders. You can manage the approval process levels with multiple interested parties and obtain approvals or cost rejections even via email or mobile.


Users don’t even need to log on to the Singu reactive maintenance software to add information to a job order. You can simply email notes to a specific address. Singu FM recognizes individuals via email addresses and automatically adds the information to the system.

Photo Capturing

The reactive maintenance software allows you to provide relevant information for a digital work order by adding images taken with mobile cameras. You can draw on photos for clarification. If a technician works where there’s no signal, store images offline and upload automatically once online again.


Instead of loose papers, give workers digital checklists to follow when performing tasks to ensure work complies with relevant standards. With the paperless work order system lists are interactive. Use predefined ones or add one manually according to the needs of the task at hand.

Digital Signatures

The reactive maintenance software shares images, remarks and more with everyone involved, so they can sign off when a technician closes a work order. Having everyone’s digital signatures prevents disputes in future.

Review Notifications

Keep relevant users informed. Each created work order will automatically generate an email notification. When work is completed or needs to be reviewed, notify users via email, SMS or push notifications that will link to the data to review.

SLA Monitoring

Use the Singu FM portal to help manage SLAs. Share expectations in terms of work and timelines with your vendors and monitor if they comply.

Ticket Rating

Be customer centric with the ticket star rating feature. The person creating a work order can rate it, via email or app, after completion. Obtain feedback to monitor requesters’ satisfaction, improve services and take action to prevent future problems with our reactive maintenance software.


On Singu FM reactive maintenance software you can have all relevant documentation attached to a project or work order. This includes images, invoices, parts orders and more. Users have quick access to information which speeds up decision making and workflow.

Maps and GPS

The reactive maintenance software keeps track of technicians’ movements on site or while they travel to different sites. Ensure they are where they’re supposed to be to perform work and know who is close to a site to tend to emergencies.

Forms Assigned To The Ticket

With Singu FM you have the power to analyze data the way you want to. Easily pre-define custom forms with fields according to your needs so you can collect information and use it for future reference.

Benefits of Reactive Maintenance Software

1. More Efficient Building Maintenance Staff

Reactive maintenance software like Singu FM lets your building maintenance team handle their work more efficiently.

They will no longer need to fill out paper forms or service requests after a breakdown. All work orders are accessible on their mobile devices. This way FM teams can concentrate on completing their tasks rather than chasing information about them. The staff can also use reactive maintenance software from any device, which enhances efficiency. Whenever a staff member wants to check the status of a work order, they can pull up their mobile device and see all the information that they need to know at their fingertips.

2. Organize, Track, and Complete Maintenance Easily

Automate the assignment of work to appropriate employees, ensure completion of tasks, access reports, and track job progress with reactive management software.

Easily find technicians with the right skills. Alert maintenance teams if they fall behind schedule or if they complete tasks incorrectly. Monitor performance metrics over time, such as issues resolved per day or cost per issue, with scheduled reports and custom views. With the help of comprehensive dashboards, it is easy to see which maintenance requests are open or closed at any given moment.

3. Save Costs by Eliminating Paperwork and Reducing Downtime

Reactive maintenance software helps companies save thousands of dollars by minimizing paperwork and reducing downtime.

Replace paperwork order forms with digital ones that provide advanced filtering for finding historical records. As an example, replacing a broken light bulb in an office is a typical maintenance request. Documentation in digital form lets you track orders and costs. As result, organizations can reduce downtime and save more money as problems are detected faster and easier.

4. Save Time and Access to Information Wherever You Are

Through a reactive maintenance software, you can access and record information on the fly, saving time.

By having immediate access to information such as repair requests or quotes for services, you can deal with these issues faster. Maintaining maintenance information with a FM tool will allow you to address requests right away. As soon as someone submits a maintenance request, you can quickly retrieve the information, so the appropriate team member arrives with the necessary materials and tools.

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