Keep Your Tenants Happy with Singu Tenant App

The ultimate tenant experience software to help you improve communication and streamline tenant experience.

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Connect, Engage and Delight Your Tenants with Tenant Experience Software

Are you tired of dealing with tenant complaints and requests? Do you want to improve the tenant experience in your properties? Look no further than our Singu Tenant App! One powerful tenant experience platform that enables you to build strong relationships and improve tenant retention.

Boost Tenant Engagement with Singu Tenant App

Connect with your tenants, understand their needs, and make informed decisions to enhance their experience. Building a more connected community has never been easier.


Social connections are an essential part of wellbeing and engaged tenant community. The event management module makes it easy to plan and promote events that bring your tenants together and foster a sense of community.

Perks & Deals

Elevate tenant engagement with the perks and deals, providing quick access to exclusive discounts. Tenants can browse current coupons with one click, and stay informed on the latest deals.

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Surveys and Tenant Feedback

Create customized polls and surveys to collect data and tenant feedback on various aspects of your building, from maintenance requests to event planning. Engage your tenants and understand their needs, concerns, and preferences. Gather valuable insights to enhance tenant experience.

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Facility Bookings

Tenants can quickly book space and various amenities using a digital booking system, without the hassle of multiple phone calls.

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Enhance Well-being with Smart Meters
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Promote tenants’ well-being
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Provide precise data insights on occupancy, temperature, humidity, and pollution levels
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Enable tenants to monitor their energy consumption, water usage, and more
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Contribute to ESG benchmarks, creating a more sustainable and engaging workplace experience
One Tenant Engagement App - Multiple Solutions
Efficiently Manage Maintenance Requests
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Report building issues and request repairs
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Streamline approval process for requests
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Reduce time spent on phone calls and improve tenant satisfaction
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Improve communication between tenants and building teams
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Track and record maintenance orders
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Data & Analytics for Improved Workplace Insights
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Gain real-time insights into office utilization, turnover reporting, and more
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Keep up-to-date with perks, events, well-being, parking spots, and news with dashboards and widgets
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Keep track of building performance metrics
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Improve office efficiency and optimize the workspace experience
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Streamlined Communication
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Share building news with your tenants and communicate easily
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Organize all contact information for property managers, technicians, and security personnel
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Store and share files digitally, avoiding unnecessary printing costs
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Efficient Cost Approvals
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Ensure that all your expenses are approved quickly and efficiently
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Accept or reject an expense with just one click
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Stay up-to-date on expenses and avoid surprises - no more lost receipts or delayed approvals
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Enhance Your Building Security and Building Access Control

Streamline building access control process, automate parking management, and ensure a seamless visitor check-in processes, while delivering a superior tenant experience.

Parking Reservation

Singu Tenant App enables tenants to reserve a parking place and avoid the frustration of searching for an empty spot. Occupiers can easily check availability, reserve a spot, and receive confirmation.

parking reservation tenant experience app
Visitor Management

Simplify visitor management by allowing tenants to pre-register their guests, send an invitation, and receive notifications upon their arrival. Visitors can be quickly signed in and out, and all visits are tracked for safety and compliance purposes.

visitor management tenant experience app
Mobile Access Control

Singu Tenant App offers a convenient way for tenants to access their workplace with mobile access. Tenants can use their smartphone as a key to access the building, offices, and other designated areas.

mobile access tenant experience app
Vehicle Automation

Vehicle automation access control using RFID and LPR technologies provides an efficient and secure way to manage vehicle traffic in your building. Allow authorized vehicles to enter and exit parking areas automatically, without the need for manual intervention improving overall security and safety.

vehicle automation tenant experience app
Benefits of Tenant Experience Apps:
Central Tool for Building Operations
Improved Communication and Transparency
Greater Responsiveness and Faster Repair of Defects
Access to All Locations Through a Single Interface
Secure Access to Documentation in One Place
More Engaged Building Community
Collecting Tenant Feedback
Creating Appealing Working Environment
Fostering a Stronger Relationship with a Building
Who Can Benefit from Singu Tenant App?
Empower Your Building Community with Tenant Portal App

With Singu Tenant App, building community members can seamlessly connect, communicate and collaborate to create a dynamic workplace environment.

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Portfolio Managers

Streamline tenant communication, track asset performance, ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and more.

modern commercial office
Workplace Managers

Facilitate effective space utilization, track asset maintenance, and deliver seamless service to building occupants.

modern commercial office

Access building information, report maintenance issues, reserve amenities, and get updates on news and events.

modern commercial office
Portfolio Manager

Oversee multiple properties, streamline communication with tenants, and ensure smooth building operations across different sites.

modern commercial office
Community Manager

Communicate effectively with your tenants, employees and building services and ensure the well-being of your employees.

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Tenant Coordinators

Streamline day-to-day operations management of the property and establish better relationships with your tenants.

Tenant Experience – All You Need to Know
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