BIM Facility Management Software

Innovative BIM Module

BIM Facility Management Software Features

Equipment Details

Let BIM facility management software show you where a specific item is located. Get quick access to the equipment details and thanks to BIM integration you’ll be shown where to find that item. Helpful when technicians are assigned to work orders for specific items.

Creating Work Orders

Quickly add work orders related to the equipment displayed on the 3D model with our reactive maintenance software. Just choose any device to see its details or add a ticket with automatically completed basic information.

Built in BIM Viewer

Directly navigate a 3D model of your building and initiate a first-person walkthrough for enhanced operations. Use navigation tools to see all the equipment, take measurements of any objects, and review a 3D BIM model as if you were on-site with our BIM facility management software.

Integration with Autodesk Forge

Singu FM BIM facility management software is integrated with Autodesk Forge which allows you to add 3D models of your buildings that were originally done in Autodesk Revit. Then simply assign that model to one of your buildings and view it via Singu FM.

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Benefits of BIM Integrated with Facility Management Software

1. Better ROI

Facility management BIM software is critical to help organizations in the built environment sector get better ROI on their asset investments.

The software helps reduce costs and increase productivity by taking advantage of the data contained in building information models.

2. Reuse Your BIM Model to Create a Digital Twin of your Real Estate

The digital twin concept allows you to reuse your BIM model to create a digital equivalent of your real estate.

A digital twin is essentially a virtual representation of the physical object it represents. Such a solution allows you to, among other things, track the real-time status and maintenance requirements of your assets in an efficient way.

3. Enhanced Decision-making Capabilities

With the help of BIM FM software, you can analyze and understand the data being generated by your building and use it to optimize your workflow and improve efficiency.

You can also use this data to understand what is happening in your building, how the users are responding to various situations and if there are any underlying issues that need addressing. This allows you to make more informed decisions when it comes to maintaining the infrastructure of your facilities.

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