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Property Survey and Inspections Software Features

Property Survey Software Done Right

With Singu FM dilapidation report software, you can handle a wide range of property surveys, everything from prepurchase reports to periodic quality reviews to move-in/move-out tenant inspections. Working with a customized checklist, property and equipment can be evaluated and photographed (with a comments section for details).

Digitize Property Inspections With Mobile Application

Use a tablet or smartphone with our dilapidation report app and forget about traditional paper-based, time-consuming, and inefficient processes. Conduct more consistent and comprehensive inspections and digitize them into PDF reports instantaneously.

Your Unique Property, Your Customized Checklist

With the Checklist Editor feature, you can customize your criteria — and make sure it’s covered every time you do an inspection. Transfer those old paper-based specs with a mobile app that can handle text, photos, and signatures.

Capturing Data With Photos And Comments

Work through your checklist and add comments, directives, and images that can be shared with stakeholders, providing on-the-move flexibility and power. Empower onsite inspections that are both rapid and methodical with our dilapidation report software.

Fix Things In Real-Time

During inspections, necessary corrective actions can be noted and shared immediately with property managers, tenants, contractors, and any other stakeholder on our dilapidation report app — backed up with photos and detailed notes that clarify what needs to get done. All of this info is automatically added to the subsequent audit report, powered by fully-functional reactive maintenance module.

Floor Plans Integration

Have a digital view of each floor or area of the facility to mark the exact location in case any corrective action is required. This is especially useful when locating equipment that is difficult to find.

Digital Signature Follow-Up

The dilapidation report app can handle electronic signatures, so any parties to an inspection can verify the resulting report with digital signature capture. This provides accountability and creates a “paper trail” automatically.

Quick And Easy Property Inspection Reports

With dilapidation report software, a completed inspection automatically generates a professional property inspection report that can be shared immediately. With our intuitive and powerful dilapidation report app, always project a professional image.

Assign Quotations with Issues

When adding a new issue during a property inspection, include proposals with costs. Information on the number of reported issues along with the repair costs will later be visible on the digital protocol.

Easy To Set Up Surveys

Don’t just collect data, use it effectively. Easily specify property survey details, all using an intuitive interface. Convert paper forms or spreadsheets into vibrant digital checklists.

Keep Everyone On The Same Page

Don’t leave key members of the property survey team in the dark with Singu’s information sharing and tracking features.

Quick Benchmarking

Compare data across locations and contractors to build detailed benchmarking and corrective-action reports that lead to greater efficiencies.

For Multiple Industries in +30 Languages

Singu can handle commercial, industrial, and residential properties (including student, multifamily, and vacation rentals) in an array of languages.

Benefits of Property Survey Report Software

1. Boost Productivity and Streamline the Inspection Process

By using Singu FM dilapidation report software, you will be able to quickly and easily manage your property surveys, audits, and inspections.

With the ability to generate a custom inspection form that can be completed on-site, you'll find you're able to reduce the amount of time spent on each inspection. Using our integrated mobile inspection solution means less time is spent on paperwork.

2. Standardize Property Inspections

Using Singu FM dilapidation report software, you can create customized inspection templates that contain the information you need to collect.

This isn't just good for your own use. It also makes it easier to train new inspectors and contractors on what information they should be collecting. The Singu FM software will provide a digital checklist of everything that needs to be observed during the process. These checklists can include detailed instructions on how to properly address each problem seen in a property's dilapidation.

3. Increase Accuracy and Ensure Greater Transparency

Streamline the communication between all parties involved by making your inspections more transparent.

Many FM companies, contractors, property managers, and other real estate professionals use real estate inspection software. Inspections, property surveys, and audits are made easier with features such as creating work orders to fix problems or gathering quotes from vendors, taking pictures, and marking on plans.

4. Access to Data and Reports to Gain a Competitive Edge

With cloud-based property inspection software and dilapidation report app, you can easily store and access property inspection data.

Forget about losing inspection reports - since they're all securely stored in the cloud, you can access them anytime, anywhere. Benefit from a variety of configuration options and different inspection scenarios. It makes the dilapidation report app extremely useful and gives you the edge over your competitors. Easily create PDF protocols with signatures, photos, and all other relevant information. This will ensure that you always meet legal requirements and quality standards.

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