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The Additional Value Facility Management Software Offers to Tenants

January 28, 2021

You probably already know about the many benefits that computer-aided facility management (CAFM) software offers to property managers. But do you realize how useful that same software can be to the tenants who are using the space? With many tenants now being part of the millennial and Gen Z generations, options that modernize a property and add convenience to their lives can go a long way.

With this kind of software, as well as with a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), you can quickly build a maintenance schedule and keep track of procedures so everyone is on the same page. Not sure how that offers a benefit to building occupiers? There are many of them and we’ll share exactly how it all works below.

Better Communication for Everyone Through CMMS Software

Tired of having to make endless calls and penning dozens of emails to keep in touch with everyone at a facility? Those days can now be considered over. While we can’t promise you won’t ever receive another emergency phone call again, communication is more natural using CAFM software for your facility. It can save you time and energy every day, which starts to add up quickly.

All parties involved can communicate in a streamlined way. This includes:

· Property Managers

· Asset Managers

· Cleaning Service Providers

· Facility Managers

· Security Service Providers

There is a social communication option through the news module to keep everyone in the loop. All a tenant has to do is open their tenant portal software and see what has happened since the last time they checked. Some of the unique features of the news module include:

· Extensive Usage – Ability to offer promotional codes or coupons to nearby restaurants and shops to customers or otherwise share essential information.

· Streamlined Communication – It offers a better level of communication for tenants and can provide information to all of them in one place at one time to prevent miscommunication.

· Easy File Sharing – News can have attached files that tenants can download to offer extra information about the news brief.

This kind of facility management software also lets you add notes in tickets which can be delivered to the person who needs to see them. It’s the perfect solution for real estate owners, facility managers, asset managers, technicians, and others. There’s no need for multiple channels of communication when everything can be done in a single space.

The Ability for Tenants to Add Work Requests in Seconds

We’ve all been there. A piece of equipment in an office building breaks down, and it happens at the worst possible time. You aren’t sure how to handle the situation other than by calling and emailing the management. You’re hoping upon hope that things get rectified quickly so you can get back to your day as usual. Once that happens, you can move on and forget about whatever issue is plaguing you at the moment.

With CMMS maintenance management software, tenants don’t have to experience that kind of stress. With a tenant portal app, problems in the building can be reported immediately and sent to the appropriate people. A tenant simply chooses a ticket type, types in a subject, and adds a voice note, and hits “add ticket.” Some of the items included in a ticket include:

· Company

· Building

· Ticket Location

· Ticket Type

· Priority

· System (such as maintenance, orders, elevators, etc.)

· Subject

· Ticket Description

mobile app with work orders

Beyond leaving a note for someone to respond to, a tenant can even add on a photo to the ticket to show what’s gone wrong. This makes it easier for a technician to determine what the problem is and come up with a solution. Then it’s just a matter of handling the issue in the most appropriate way.

Maintenance FM software also offers tenants the option to mark down exactly where the problem is occurring in situations like a broken piece of equipment. There’s less need to keep in constant communication to get an issue resolved. There’s a small floor plan and a pinpoint can be added so solving the problem is simply a matter of visiting the location and getting to work.

Option to Track the Work of On-Site Technicians

What else can a cloud-based maintenance management system offer to tenants? Going back to the worker who has a piece of equipment that is broken, let’s assume they sent in a ticket to have the situation resolved. That tenant is going to want to know what’s happening to solve the problem and prevent it from happening again. Usually, this would require a phone call or an email but that is no longer the case.

Thankfully, your facility maintenance app makes communication a cinch, as well. A tenant can actually monitor what kind of work that on-site technicians are engaged in. So if someone is fixing a broken air conditioner, for instance, the tenant can keep track of progress on the job via the app. They’ll know exactly when the process is complete so they can use the air conditioner (or another item) and get back to life as usual.

This is a better system for everyone. Tenants can immediately determine what is happening to resolve their problem. Facility managers and other employees in the

building can also save time by not having to communicate in different ways to explain where they are in the workflow. Everyone has a single source to communicate and track issues to save a lot of time that could be used for other things.

The Satisfaction of Tenants is Right at Your Fingertips with CMMS

Have you ever wondered exactly how happy your tenants are with the building and services you offer? Everyone does but finding the answer can be more complicated than you would think. You can send out surveys or ask in-person, but both of those methods can take up lots of time and energy. This is time that can be spent on other aspects of the business.

Instead of going with traditional methods, you can use a computerized maintenance management system and Tenant Portal as a way to keep up to date on concerns tenants have. Instead of pushing for answers through questions you make up on your own, tenants can leave feedback on their own. This will show what matters to them at the moment so you can use it in whatever way seems the most useful.

tenants rating using a mobile app

When a ticket is updated, a tenant can rate the results on a simple three to five degree feedback scale. It takes only a few seconds but offers information that the facility can use to improve their operations.

When you’re aware of the tenant satisfaction level, you can ensure that services are functioning in a way that creates positivity among occupiers in the building. You don’t have to step away from traditional methods, but this is another way to keep on top of things. It may even result in learning completely new things about how tenants feel about the office building.

Facility Management Tool for Asset Management

When a tenant is curious about what infrastructure they are in charge of within a facility, it’s not always easy for them to find the answers. With occupiers coming in with all sorts of equipment, over time it might become confusing about what is their own and what is provided by the facility managers. However, that doesn’t mean the information shouldn’t be easily accessible. It should be easy to determine what they have responsibility over so they can handle the maintenance and care of those items.

equipment details

So, what is the solution to providing asset management information to the people who need it? If you guessed that CMMS maintenance management software can handle that, in addition to the things above, you are 100% correct. The app that tenants have access to is capable of listing all the infrastructure available and installed at the facility when they need the information.

Not only does this offer transparency to the people who use your building, which makes them feel more important in the grand scheme of things, but it also gives them an idea of what their responsibilities are in terms of the equipment and items available for them. This leaves no question about who needs to handle what and who to contact if there is some kind of concern.

Transparency and a Swift Workflow Using Tenant Portal Software

We just mentioned transparency, but it goes beyond offering information about infrastructure in a facility or other building. Using this kind of software makes it possible to create a quicker workflow when something needs to be done. It’s all compiled in one place, so there’s less need to look back on emails, texts, and phone calls. You can see what needs to be done right away without having to contact anyone individually.

In addition to that, it offers a higher level of transparency in terms of work approvals and additional costs. You can see which fees have already been settled and which have been accepted, as well as any that may not have been. Using a cloud-based

maintenance management system, anyone who is allowed to see this information can do so in seconds.

There are also various reports available using the software solution so you can look back on what has occurred in the past. Have you ever wanted to look through historical reports but found it was a complicated process? It isn’t when you use this kind of software. You can not only take a look at historical reports, but you can also look into defects and other things that might affect the decisions you make today.

Parking and Visitor Management System Integration Available

When you choose robust facility management tool, it’s capable of integrating with other Smart Security solutions. This means that the software can do even more when it hooks into other solutions you might already be using. You’ll have the things listed above that can help your tenants, as well as whatever other functionality that another app provides to you.

As an example, you might have a parking management application where you keep track of how many cars are parked in the lot, whether those cars belong to tenants or guests, and how many spaces are still available. This can integrate into the CMMS so you can do all the things above while also managing parking. No more switching between apps and systems, when you can do it all from one place.

The same applies when you want to have immediate access to a visitor management system. It can integrate right into the system. There are other integrations available, but these two are more common for office buildings and other facilities that use tenant community software. Innovation is essential and having the options you need it something that can’t be ignored.

Contact Database for Ease of Communication

The best solution for your facility management will have a contact database so people can quickly get in touch with the people they need to right when they are required. Because of that, the top tenant portals are going to show contact details for system users and tenants, including:

· Name

· Status

· Phone Number

· Email

· Extra Information


This ensures that a tenant can reach out to whoever they need when something is going wrong. It also makes them feel like a part of the facility since they are also listed in the database. This can go a long way toward showing that you care about everyone who chooses your office building for your work needs.

In Conclusion

There are many ways that maintenance management software can offer a benefit for tenants. It can improve communication, provide more accessible maintenance requests, make tracking simple, create better transparency, and more. Tenants who have access to an app with this kind of information often have a more positive view of the building and its managers than those who do not.

Singu FM is a fully-featured computerized maintenance management program offered by Velis Real Estate Tech. Each of the things listed in the article above is provided through our software, which meets the needs of building management as well as tenants who rely on you for space and infrastructure. To learn more, read the current FM trends.

Our mobile tenant platform helps you provide information to tenants on a 24/7 basis. It offers real-time and secure access to property-related details to make your job easier and your tenants happier. The app is even available in an offline version so Helpdesk tickets can be created, and inspections can be updated without access to the Internet.

Are you ready to make property and facility management more accessible and more efficient than ever before? Singu FM is the top choice to do that in a way that takes the entire property and its occupants into account. If you’re ready to find out how we can help you streamline communications, improve maintenance, and keep track of tickets, today is the day to get in touch with us to get started with our platform.

Contact us and get a free demo of Singu FM.

Written by:
Adam Penkala
PropTech Expert

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