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Preventive Maintenance Software Features

Scheduling (Inspection Definition)

Create a facility maintenance schedule to guide technical maintenance and inspections on all equipment and devices in the building with our preventive maintenance software. It contains information of each inspection. With parameters and maintenance cycle data, preventive maintenance software allows you to view and manage all planned maintenance.


Preventive maintenance software has a specific work order type for technical inspections. You automatically see them in the Inspections tab and on your Calendar as ‘Allocations’. This simplifies inspection management, prevents unnecessary errors & paperwork, while enhancing accountability and workflow.

Preventive Maintenance Checklists

Empower technicians to perform thorough, standardized maintenance checks by adding checklists to recurring work orders on preventive maintenance software. A technician simply follows the checklist. You can add more tasks when needed and it’s accessible via mobile devices.

Maintenance Plan Visualization

An intuitive and detailed plan provides an instant overview of all maintenance inspections. Color coding helps identify open and closed tasks. The maintenance plan is interactive with filters and you can navigate to a specific inspection’s details with one click.


The preventive maintenance software makes it easier to manage a team of technicians’ schedules. There’s a detailed overview, user-friendly tools to assign tasks to different technicians or teams and you can even dispatch work orders to third party companies.

Signature Capturing

For inspection authorization purposes, users can add a digital signature via the mobile app. A flexible and time-saving solution. Use it when changing a work order’s status. A ‘name’ field and space for a signature makes for easy record keeping.

Photo Capture

The CMMS app allows you to take images with your mobile device and attach it to any work order or inspection task. Use the pictures for reference, sharing details about the inspection and record keeping.

PDF & online protocols

Export data about maintenance tasks in PDF format from preventive maintenance software. You can request reports according to your required parameters for easy auditing.


Technicians are kept informed about necessary upcoming maintenance checks so they can prepare and perform them on time. Singu FM sends reminders to all relevant parties, to prevent users forgetting important recurring tasks.

On-site Visits

Have an accurate record of work done on site with our reactive maintenance software. The software for field service helps assign work orders, record notes on jobs, track SLAs, view time spent on tasks and manage invoicing for the work.

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Benefits of Planned and Preventive Maintenance Software

1. Reduced Maintenance Costs

Preventative maintenance is a tactic used by businesses to reduce the cost of asset maintenance and prolong the life of their equipment.

By using preventive maintenance software, you can keep track of your assets and schedule maintenance for them. Regular maintenance means less downtime and less money spent on emergency repairs. With preventative maintenance software, you can reduce your overall maintenance costs, including both labor and parts costs.

2. Minimized Downtime

Knowing your company's equipment better will make it easier to pinpoint and resolve problems before they become major problems.

A maintenance plan that collects data and prioritizes maintenance tasks keeps critical assets in good shape, preventing further damage. A maintenance plan also ensures all required materials and tools are available. This ensures that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

3. Extended Asset Life and Fewer Repairs

Regular maintenance done with planned and preventive maintenance software increases the lifespan of assets.

The better care you give to your equipment, the longer it will last, so you won't need to replace it as often. Maintenance programs can minimize or even eliminate equipment failures if properly planned and scheduled. It means your assets will last a long time and be productive.

4. Increased productivity and efficiency

It takes time to plan maintenance. By automating some planning tasks, you'll increase your maintenance teams’ productivity and efficiency.

A proactive, automated maintenance approach can result in increased efficiency and productivity measured by, for example, time saved when equipment is properly maintained, less time spent on manual data entry, or time saved by using automated workflows such as email notifications and alerts.

5. Improved Workplace Safety

Besides the cost savings, operators and other workers working in proximity to the equipment are also safer because disaster risks are minimized.

Keeping equipment from failing is in everyone's best interests. By implementing a PM program, your equipment will remain in good working order and any necessary repairs will be done quickly to minimize any possible risk of injury or other damage. Keeping track of all inspection data will also help you stay on top of compliance with OSHA requirements.

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