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Digitalize Your FM Operations Today

Utilize a mobile-first software solution for effective facility management, property management, building operations, compliance, and service delivery.

If you are looking to improve maintenance and facilities operations, you are not alone. Nearly all modern businesses are seeking efficiencies. Cloud-based software systems like CAFM systems (Computer Aided Facilities Management) and CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) offer transformative solutions that can give your company an edge by saving time and money.

From building operations, property, facility, and maintenance management to tenant experience – Singu FM is specifically designed to add more value to the building as well as to occupiers and owners by providing a range of property management solutions such as preventive maintenance, reactive maintenance, cost approvals, property inspections and audits, and document management.

Singu FM, with the latest technology like multipurpose wireless IoT sensors, mobility, or BIM, provides modern property management solutions for a wide range of professionals in the field.

No matter where you are and what real estate industry you are in, Singu FM works across all industries and verticals including office buildings, manufacturing facilities, logistic and warehouse sites, shopping centers, retail chains, and many more. Singu provides modern property management solutions for a wide range of professionals in the field such as property managers, asset managers, facility managers, tenants, subcontractors, technicians, and many more alike.

Singu FM – the ultimate property management software is a complete solution for efficient management of any property providing users with a cost-effective maintenance solution available in the cloud anywhere, anytime.Explore

Singu FM – property management software, an all-in-one data-driven solution to cover all your FM needs.

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ESG Reporting Software for Real Estate

Manage, collect, and disclose your buildings' ESG information. Sync real estate ESG data seamlessly. Report environmental, social, and governance data and metrics with intuitive ESG reporting software for real estate.

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Reactive Maintenance Software

An innovative, effective way to manage work orders while saving money, time, and effort. A user-friendly computerized maintenance management system, also accessible on mobile, is a flexible solution that traces every aspect of building operations, repairs, and maintenance.

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Preventive Maintenance Software

Create an effective maintenance plan to keep maintenance checks on schedule and reduce repair costs. With easy scheduling software for service technicians, reminders and all relevant information on hand, it’s easier to manage the maintenance team and keep buildings well looked after.

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Equipment Management Software

Managing of assets can be complex but it becomes easier when one asset maintenance management software empowers you to monitor inventories, system conditions, warranties, maintenance and more. Get easy access to data to enable a cost effective method of fully utilizing assets’ lifecycles. When action is necessary, easily manage the appropriate tasks and role players.

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Tenant Experience App

Streamline managing relationship with your tenants by providing a user-friendly tenant community platform to interact with them. They can view information, complete surveys and log work requests. Use modern innovation to improve your tenants’ experience when using your building

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Work Order Software For Contractors

If you’re managing a property, you’ll use the service of third party contractors for various services. This could be HVAC repairs, pest control or many other services. With one of the best cloud service management software products you can manage services you outsource, monitor expenses and nurture positive relationships with your technical partners.

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Virtual Document Management System

When you manage a building, access to documents is an essential component. From building plans to policy documents, they determine how effective the premises will be run. On Singu FM virtual data room software you can save various types of documents, easily search for them and share them with others.

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Dilapidation Report Software

Digitize property surveys with a mobile solution streamlining move-in/move-out procedures, quality reviews, building exterior inspections, and more. It can be the operational and record-keeping foundation for owners, managers, and contractors of all types.

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Cost Management System

You can improve your stock spending if you have adequate data to analyze. All of this can be done from one commercial and industrial maintenance management software platform, thanks to detailed maintenance spending information.

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IOT Building Management System

Use modern technology in the form of NFC tags and transmitting beacons to simplify various building management tasks. Through Bluetooth and IoT for building management technology, these units communicate with Android and iOS mobile devices for tracking, asset identification & more. Online and offline functions are enabled on the maintenance management program.

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Real Time Location Tracking

With GPS location features combined with IoT sensors, the maintenance work order system gives you both indoor and outdoor location data of your team. With data on buildings’ map coordinates, workers’ schedules and their real time locations, you can make informed choices delegating daily tasks.

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Reporting & Data Visualization

Empower yourself by having data on hand which enables informed decision making. View the information you need, have data analyzed via the maintenance management system software platform and share it with role players. Data is displayed as comprehensive, customizable graphs.

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Property Portfolio Software

Put together all relevant information about your buildings in one place, on the real estate management software. Create a profile for each building so you can view their data from one platform. This makes for easy portfolio management and allows for reporting that includes all properties’ data.

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Additional Features

BIM Facility Management Software

View asset details and create work orders using a 3D model of your building.

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SLA Management

Effectively manage of SLA and get informed if the SLA time is exceeded.

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Workflow Automation

Improve productivity and set ‘if-then rules’ to create time saving automated workflows.

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Facility Booking System

Book facility rooms and amenities through a drag & drop calendar streamlining approval processes, billing, and relevant work orders.

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Access Card & Key Management

Use NFC technology to monitor key exchanges and manage access cards for visitors and employees.

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Tenant Feedback & Surveys

Acquire instant feedback from occupiers to monitor satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.

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Share important news with occupiers and improve communication.

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Meter Readings

Capture meter readings via IoT technology and a mobile app for effective asset maintenance.

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Time & Attendance Software

Track employee attendance using IoT sensors and control time spent on tasks, for payroll & future reference.

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Space Management

Visualize the space to understand how it’s being used and how you can optimize it.

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Inventory Management

Use NFC tag scanning via mobile for effective asset inventory checks.

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Warehouse Management

Reduce stock levels, avoid inventory depletion, and automate warehouse management processes.

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Ensure efficient communication and get instantly notified via SMS, push, or email notifications.

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Global Region Support

Enhance coordinating a global property portfolio by having an access to all your buildings data in one place.

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Create a personalized platform with custom branding, workflows, interfaces, and reports.

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Admin Panel

Manage permissions, integrations, and user settings to streamline processes and improve security.

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Singu Integrations

Streamline visitor management and automate vehicle access control by integrating with other Singu solutions.

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