Tenant Feedback & Surveys

Dynamic Feedback from Tenants

Tenant Feedback & Surveys Features

Star Rating Feedback

With each work order, a tenant can provide a star satisfaction rating. As result, managers use the collected feedback to monitor and constantly improve tenant satisfaction.

Flexible Feedback Collection

To ensure tenants’ engagement with the feedback system, an email is automatically sent as soon as a work order ticket is closed. Feedback can be given effortlessly via email or using the Singu FM platform.

Satisfaction Level Widget

Dashboard widgets let managers monitor the satisfaction level at a glance from both a single and multiple facilities in the portfolio.

Benchmarking & Feedback Reporting

Managers can use the collected feedback to create benchmarks and determine how to improve. With detailed reports, in depth analysis can be done and you know which service providers to hire in future.

Different Survey Field Types

Create a survey that suits your exact needs thanks to different types of questions you can incorporate in your form. From Yes/No questions to open ended ones and picking an option from a list, the module supports them all.

Survey Drag & Drop Creator

Creating a survey is quick and easy thanks to the drag and drop survey builder. Simply decide what you want to add and you can have a survey, ready to send, in minutes.

Survey Results Export

To work with the results of the survey you can export it to a spreadsheet. Download it as an Excel document which makes it easy to review with your team.

Anonymous Questionnaires

Questionnaires can be answered anonymously. This motivates tenants to be honest in their feedback.

Verifying Survey Receival

Verify whether an individual has received and opened the survey. This helps you track tenants’ participation and you can remind the ones that haven’t given it attention yet.

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