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Active Directory Integration

Integrate the Singu FM platform with Active Directory. This makes it easier to authenticate users and assign roles, saving time and improving security.

REST API Open Architecture

Enable functional integrations using the API (Application Program Interface) to quickly and easily integrate with other solutions your company finds valuable. Integrate it with software such as ERP systems and enjoy easy communication between these resources.

Visitor Management

Singu Guestbook can be integrated with Singu FM, which simplifies the check-in system of all guests at reception. It also helps manage visitors’ access to the building and its different zones.

System For Automated Vehicle Access Control

Easily manage vehicles’ access to your premises with Singu Smart Security Desk. The solution uses the power of CCTV and access controls systems to optimize security while improving traffic flow. Integrate it with Singu FM to automate vehicles’ entries and exits.

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IOT Building Management System

Use modern technology in the form of NFC tags and transmitting beacons to simplify various building management tasks. Through Bluetooth and IoT for building management technology, these units communicate with Android and iOS mobile devices for tracking, asset identification & more. Online and offline functions are enabled on the maintenance management program.

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BIM Facility Management Software

View asset details and create work orders using a 3D model of your building.

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