Cost Management System

More Effective Budgeting

Cost Approval Process

The cost approval workflow is streamlined because relevant individuals can block or approve an expense easily, straight via mobile or desktop. Assign costs to a work order and get feedback on whether you have approval.

Daily Monitoring Dashboard

Simplify the invoice process between tenants and building managers. The dashboard shows updated information about unpaid and overdue invoices. Tenants can instantly view receivables and managers can create & send summaries without wasting time looking for data from various work orders.

Preventive & Reactive Maintenance Costs

Know how much preventative and reactive maintenance is costing you thanks to accurate information about time worked & material costs for each work order. Find out what equipment called for unnecessary expenses so you can upgrade, replace or repair to prevent further losses.

Managing Property Costs

Make it easier to manage utility, service and other costs between tenants. For each invoice you can accurately calculate the percentage split of each tenant thanks to detailed information on the Singu facility management software.

Cost Monitoring

On the facility management technology platform you’ll find many automated report options, relevant to building management. Use them to view details about operational spending and make informed decisions to improve future processes.


Plan effectively by using the accurate summaries of maintenance and technical services expenses. This can be exported as a detailed statement, providing insightful data to budget separately for each building according to historical data.

Check Out More Features

Preventive Maintenance

Create an effective maintenance plan to keep maintenance checks on schedule and reduce repair costs. With easy scheduling software for service technicians, reminders and all relevant information on hand, it’s easier to manage the maintenance team and keep buildings well looked after.

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Asset Management

Managing of assets can be complex but it becomes easier when one asset maintenance management software empowers you to monitor inventories, system conditions, warranties, maintenance and more. Get easy access to data to enable a cost effective method of fully utilizing assets’ lifecycles. When action is necessary, easily manage the appropriate tasks and role players.

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Workflow Automation

Improve productivity and set ‘if-then rules’ to create time saving automated workflows.

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A Powerful Tool For Real Estate Professionals

Singu FM has become a proven tool for property owners, asset managers, businesspeople, contractors, and anyone who wants to handle property inspections professionally and effectively.

For Owners and Management

1. Always stay in the loop about where your team is in the inspection process.

2. Standardize procedures for increased consistency.

3. Add notes, photos, and relevant files to prevent costly mistakes and protect yourself legally.

4. Improve the efficiency of your real estate management team by providing a mobile solution that works.

5. Impress clients with sleek, customized reports.

6. Use Singu FM to your competitive advantage and win new customers.

For Staff

1. Mobile capabilities make operations more efficient and timely.

2. Impress clients with productive, professional inspections — all while cutting down on paperwork.

3. Minimize time spent on inspections and reports.

4. Cut down on the need to make phone calls and revisit sites.

5. Binders or portfolios are never left behind — or lost in transit.

For Clients and Tenants

1. Generate easy-to-understand property inspection reports that your clients can use.

2. Ensure that clients receive detailed checklists, including comments and photos, that corroborate property conditions.

3. Protect clients from troublesome tenants — or even legal action — that weak inspection procedures and poor documentation can lead to.

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