Facility Booking System

Faultless Facility Bookings

Facility Booking System Features

Space Reservation

When tenants or other users want to use certain rooms of facilities, they have a streamlined method to reserve the spaces. With minimal administration and without time consuming discussions, a booking is made.

Amenity Reservation

Book various amenities from custom resource categories, such as vehicles, conference rooms, equipment, and more.

Visual Booking Interface

Bookings are graphically represented on a calendar. This provides a clear overview and makes it easy for employees to monitor which resources are available to book.

Reservation Approvals

Accept or reject a booking request with the click of a button. It helps the resource managers to take control of all resources in the facility.

Email Notifications

Get automatic notifications about any new booking requests as well as approvals or added changes. All concerned parties are kept up to date with vital information.

Reservation Billing

If a reservation incurs costs for the tenant, a summary of the potential expenses can be generated automatically during the booking request process.

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IOT Building Management System

Use modern technology in the form of NFC tags and transmitting beacons to simplify various building management tasks. Through Bluetooth and IoT for building management technology, these units communicate with Android and iOS mobile devices for tracking, asset identification & more. Online and offline functions are enabled on the maintenance management program.

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BIM Facility Management Software

View asset details and create work orders using a 3D model of your building.

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