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Multilingual Check-in

Singu Guestbook can operate in over 20 languages and with more underway. Make visitors from across the world feel welcome and understood by letting them check in using their own language, whether it’s German, Arabic or Japanese.

Multilingual System

You want guests to feel welcome from the moment you start interacting with them, which starts long before they arrive in your lobby. That’s why the Singu Guestbook visitor tracking software incorporates the multilingual approach in various of its features.


Pre-register your visitors in any of multiple languages, empowering employees from different nationalities to use the software optimally.


Send multilingual invitations to the guests to ensure there are no misunderstandings about the upcoming meetings.


Get instantly notified in your own language.

Multi time zone Support

To prevent any misunderstanding about meeting times, the Singu Guestbook invitations automatically incorporate a multi-time zone support system. It will convert the meeting time to the recipient’s time zone. Guests arriving simultaneously at buildings in different time zones will automatically be logged as checking in at the same time. This is helpful for multi-site building management.

Native Speakers Support Translations

The quality of the translations on Singu Guestbook’s visitor software is exceptional. This is thanks to using native speakers instead of digital translators that could lead to low quality translations.

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Register visitors, either single guest or a group, in advance and send them a branded email or SMS notification that tells them everything they need to know about their upcoming meeting.

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Mobile Invitation

Impress guests even before they arrive! Branded mobile invitation contains all relevant meeting information like parking tips, Wi-Fi access while the QR code automates the check-in process, opens turnstiles and much more. Customize invitations on the visitor software settings to suit your needs.

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Self Check In

Ready to streamline your building’s check-in process with Singu Guestbook, the practical automated front desk system for modern building management? Self check-in features speed up the guest registration process making your guests feel welcome, without you employing more staff. Will you enjoy the benefits?

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