Easy NDA Signing

NDA Features

Digital Signature

Digitally sign NDA documents simply by using the iPad touchscreen at the registration kiosk. Any legal documentation, NDA or other paperwork can be signed and stored before a guest enters the rest of the building.

Multilingual NDAs

Thanks to Singu’s multilingual features all your guests will know exactly what is expected of them. Using one of the various languages, visitors are guided through the NDA signing process.

Easy NDA Access

For authorized users, the non-disclosure document files are accessible via the Front Desk Reception panel. They can view signed documents to make sure all is in order. This improves security without wasting anyone’s time.

Saving, Storing, Sending

Enjoy the best features of a paperless office with Singu, thanks to the system saving and storing signed legal non-disclosure agreement documents, instead of you needing to file papers. Authorized administrators can retrieve the documents for viewing and guests can also request them to be sent to their emails.

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Self Check In

Ready to streamline your building’s check-in process with Singu Guestbook, the practical automated front desk system for modern building management? Self check-in features speed up the guest registration process making your guests feel welcome, without you employing more staff. Will you enjoy the benefits?

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Data Collection

The Singu Guestbook visitor registration software is all about making it easy for users as well as protecting your interests. All the data about sites’ visitors is saved and kept secure. Property managers and tenants determine what data to collect and how you want to utilize it to your benefit.

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Reception Panel for Front Desk Employees

With the sign in and out system, the reception staff has access to all visitors’ data to check who and when entered the building, collect signed NDAs or to manually register their visits.

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