Touchless Check-In

With a Wave of the Hand

Safe and Fast Touchless Visitor Experience

With Singu Guestbook, visitors are screened before they arrive and provided all the information they need — including health and safety instructions. When they arrive, they can be processed “hands free” using touchless technology.

Touchless Check-In Features

Pre-registration and Mobile Invitation

Pre-registering in advance, including forwarding information to guests in the mobile invitation before their arrival, makes check-in not only faster, but safer. Along with interactive map, parking details, and their scannable QR code, visitors can be alerted to the safety precautions that have been put in place at your facility.

Remote Data Sharing For Safety

Singu Guestbook not only prompts registrants to provide all the information you need via their mobile screen, but it also requires them to complete surveys and watch instructional videos prior to arrival, if needed. Health screenings, required NDAs, and OHS tests can all be dealt with remotely — including pandemic protocols.

Touchless Check-in

The entire check-in process is completed without a visitor having to touch anything other than their own mobile device. They simply wave the QR code they received with their invitation in front of a scanner. Unregistered guests can immediately receive required check-in prompts on their mobile device after scanning a QR code displayed on the iPad screen and use it to provide necessary information.

Touchless Access Control

The QR code that visitors have saved on their mobile device will activate any security infrastructure — turnstiles, security gates or lifts — when scanned. This makes for more efficient operations and ease-of-use for your guests. The software won’t activate the QR code unless all required information during digital health questionnaire has been provided.

Extra Security Layers

With Singu Guestbook, a wide range of information on who’s entering and exiting the building can be collated — and shared — quickly. Not just watchlists and reports, but emergency messages that reach all visitors in a facility within seconds increasing security.

Why You Need Touchless Technology In Times Of COVID-19

Touchless check-in means fewer people coming in contact with common surfaces like touchscreens, pens, and counters when they enter and exit.

Automated Visitor Tracking and Data Collection

Singu Guestbook automatically captures and stores a wealth of data. This not only means that the real-time locations of visitors are easily accessible, but after-the-fact contact tracing in the case of a positive COVID test is faster and more thorough. Efficiently manage your guest and building space, ensuring compliance with social distancing regulations.

Going Touchless Means Faster and Safer Check-in

The efficient, quick entry process that Singu Guestbook makes possible is a safety feature in and of itself. Doing away with long lines in lobbies means fewer people gathered in one place, eliminates the face-to-face interaction as well as contact with common surfaces. Create your COVID-19 digital health screening process including questionnaires, video guidelines, and more.

Create Safer and Better Workplace Environment

Given how well people now understand common risks during the COVID pandemic, the fact that you move visitors quickly into your building without forcing them to linger in a crowded common area will be appreciated. Hands-free touchless technology helps employees and visitors stay safe and impressed with your innovative approach.

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