Mobile Invitation

Mobile Invitations that Impress

Safe and Fast Touchless Visitor Experience

With Singu Guestbook, visitors are screened before they arrive and provided all the information they need — including health and safety instructions. When they arrive, they can be processed “hands free” using touchless technology.

Mobile Invitation Features

Meeting Details

Make a great first impression and prevent misunderstandings by including important meeting details (e.g. time, location, directions, WiFi access).

Google Maps Integration

Help your guests know exactly where to travel to for the meeting by integrating Google Maps. The invitation can contain an interactive Google Maps feature and directions for easy access to the information they need to find their way to your building entrance.

Additional Information

Add helpful information in the invitation that streamlines your guest’s visit. Property managers can add general building information while tenants can specify information such as where in the building their company’s office are.

Host Avatar

Help your guests know exactly who to look for once they arrive. Add an avatar so they can recognize the meeting host. Improve tenants’ relationship with their guests and help them feel more welcomed.

QR Code Integration

Invitations contain a QR code that can serve as a sign-in method once they arrive on your premises. Scan the code at the iPad kiosk for an even smoother check-in experience and access to other parts of the building through turnstiles or lifts.

Calendar & Apple Wallet Integration

Add your scheduled meetings and invitations to Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal, or Apple Wallet in seconds for faster check-in.

Extra Security Layers

With Singu Guestbook, a wide range of information on who’s entering and exiting the building can be collated — and shared — quickly. Not just watchlists and reports, but emergency messages that reach all visitors in a facility within seconds increasing security.

Why You Need Touchless Technology In Times Of COVID-19

Touchless check-in means fewer people coming in contact with common surfaces like touchscreens, pens, and counters when they enter and exit.


Help guests from different nationalities feel welcome from the start by using Singu Guestbook’s multilingual visitor registration features. The self-help sign in kiosk can cater for multiple languages preventing language barrier challenges in your reception area.

Group Invitations

Use the mobile invitation features for multiple guests at once. Simply import your list of visitors in Excel format and the system does the rest.


Impress with a professional look and improve brand awareness by sending out custom, on-brand meeting invitations.

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Register visitors, either single guest or a group, in advance and send them a branded email or SMS notification that tells them everything they need to know about their upcoming meeting.

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Time to go touchless

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