Health & Safety Support

Health & Safety Support Always On Hand

OHS Test

After watching videos, guests can complete an OHS test during check-in. The system will request a retest if guests answer incorrectly, so you know your visitors are aware of your safety guidelines. You determine which departments’ visitors need to take the test as part of their registration. This is a practical solution especially for production facilities.

OHS Videos

Share your health and safety information, show your evacuation maps and even do training with your guests via video. They can be viewed via the front desk app.

Legal Signatures

If your policies require guests to sign health and safety documents, let them do it the moment they enter the premises. The Singu Guestbook system can obtain legal signatures in digital format so you stay compliant without taking up much of anyone’s time.

Visit Recommendations

Share with guests about the protective equipment they will need in order to enter and use the facility. Hosts can inform them as part of invitations, but also teach them during the check-in process so they’re well prepared.

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Emergency Evacuation Support

During an emergency evacuation, you need to know exactly who is present in the building. You can act quickly because you’ll have up to date information about guests. That’s the power of using a digital sign in system, rather than an outdated paper driven registration process.

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Touchless Check-In

Using their mobile device, visitors provide all the information needed to complete check-in. No logbooks, touchscreens, or superfluous contact with staff — a quicker, more efficient, and safer way to handle reception, especially during a pandemic.

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Visitor Watchlist

Create watchlists with unwelcome individuals’ data to identify unwanted guests before they enter the building.

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