About the Galleria Tbilisi

Galleria Tbilisi, owned by the Georgian Co-Investment Fund, is a multifunctional shopping center located in the heart of Tbilisi, on the prime high street, Rustaveli Avenue. The shopping mall consists of 64,000 m² GLA, eight floors with both retail and office space, and an underground car parking with over 300 car parking places.

After two years of the construction phase, the building was completed in November of 2017 as one of Georgian Co-Investment Fund’s investment projects in the hospitality and real estate sector. The total investment of the project was 97 ml dollars.

Interestingly, Galleria Tbilisi was among the finalists at the MAPIC International Retail Real Estate Award and was nominated in the category “Best Retail City Centre Regeneration”.

Despite numerous commercial zones with well-known brand stores, cafes, restaurants, and other various services united in one space, the building was not equipped with any facility and maintenance management software.

Night View Of Shopping Mall Galleria Tbilisi
Night View Of Shopping Mall Galleria Tbilisi. Source: Galleria Tbilisi Website

Challenges Before the Implementation

Galleria Tbilisi was looking for an easy-to-implement computer-aided facility management solution that would improve facility and maintenance management operations. One of the challenges Galleria Tbilisi faced before Singu FM was handling all requests by the FM Manager manually. All requests were handled directly by the FM Manager, by phone/email, while documentation was kept using Excel or very often pen and paper.

One of the most important features of the CAFM systems, which Galleria Tbilisi strongly prioritized, was a mobile application dedicated to the technical and maintenance departments to streamline building operations.

No less important was the tenant experience. The owner of this modern shopping center wanted to make tenants of Galleria Tbilisi feel good about a location they’re leasing and offer them a solution to improve tenant experience even more.

The Solution

Galleria Tbilisi was attracted to Singu FM, the facility and maintenance management software, by its easy licensing structure, mobile application, and quick and efficient implementation.

Singu FM license is based on the total area and type of the property, not on the number of individual users. Consequently, within a one, single license, the application can be used by an unlimited number of users who have access to the real estate management software including both property and facility managers, as well as owners, tenants, and external service partners.

Velis Real Estate Tech provided all necessary training to ensure that the GT team is given the skills and confidence to use Singu FM software without any difficulties. Due to the Covid-19, all training provided was done during virtual sessions. One training was provided to the Facility Manager and all of the maintenance staff (2 sessions) to get everyone acquainted with the system.

After a quick domain set up, the Velis Implementation team configured initial users of Singu FM who could use the system. These users included FM staff, maintenance, cleaning, management, and one external service.

“Singu FM implementation process with Velis Real EstateTech team has been smooth and on schedule. I appreciate the support we have received, ensuring that we could quickly receive answers to any of our questions. Although we have not yet implemented all the modules, I can already acknowledge that Singu FM is an effective tool that can streamline our facility management and maintenance operations by faster creating and managing work orders with better control over Gallery Tbilisi. The platform can also increase the satisfaction of our tenants by providing them with a mobile and easy-to-use solution.”

Teona Khitarishvili, Facility Manager, Galleria Tbilisi

Singu FM - Facility and Building Maintenance Management Software

Benefits of Implementing Singu FM and Plans for the Future

Today, Galleria Tbilisi uses Singu FM mostly for reactive maintenance operations. Worth mentioning is that due to the Covid pandemic situation, Galleria Tbilisi was closed for several weeks so ticket activity was not as high as expected. Nevertheless, work order requests created in Singu FM software are handled quickly when tickets are created. It forces staff to get the job done. The implementation of Singu FM has reduced costs by switching from paper protocols and reports to an electronic version.

Following the Reactive maintenance module, the Velis implementation team was working closely with the FM Manager on the list of all of the assets (equipment) to be imported into Singu FM. Importing assets to the system will empower the planned and preventive maintenance module in the future. This will increase safety in the shopping center by timely monitoring and performing of technical inspections

It should come as no surprise that one of the best ways to ensure a more engaged and enjoyable tenant experience is through technology. Therefore, the next step in this project is to provide access for tenants so that they will use Singu FM for simple maintenance requests and after-hours access cards. It will be further developed offering tenants a mobile-based community portal.

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