Client Description

GTC Group is one of the leading companies in the sector of commercial real estate in Central, Eastern and SouthernEurope. Since its founding in 1994, the Group focuses on high-standard office buildings and retail properties in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. Today, GTC owns and manages 35 commercial buildings offering more than 586 000sq. m. office and retail space to its clients in Poland, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria and Hungary.

The Business Need

The construction process of one of the major shopping malls in Warsaw required among others very good documentation. Documents are issued by all involved parties such as the investor, architects, project management company or a general contractor. Such process requires high transparency of the information flow and quick access to the documents.It is also crucial to identify any missing documents so that at the end of the project the investor holds a full archive, both digital and paper.

a smartphone with Singu FM app

The Solution

GTC SA chose Singu Data Room, virtual document management system, for its newly implemented commercial project. With the help of the system, documents can be managed by both internal divisions of GTC SA and many third parties. The system not only enables digitization of the documentation but also allows for creating links between individual files. This feature improves the subsequent due diligence process, saving time and related costs. The system also comes with the possibility to share documentation with other parties (e.g. subcontractors) in a secure manner, enforcing necessary acceptance if required.

Achieved Objectives

  • Full knowledge of the current deficiencies in the documentation
  • Reduction of operating costs through improvements in the administration of the documentation
  • Transparency of services provided by third-parties(architects, project managers)
  • Support in the process of documentation lease
  • Creating a fully-functional archive of the property for more efficient technical maintenance

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