Efficiently Manage Work Orders

New Task

When tenants or managers require repairs, maintenance or other assistance in the building, simply generate a new digital work order on the Singu FM building management software. On an intuitive layout you can assign it, add priority levels, provide a due date and add an image with mobile devices.

Floor Plans Integration

Interactive floorplans allow you to view where in the building a task relates to or pick a location during digital work order creation. Detailed, visual information speeds up work completion. This is accessible on PC or mobile, online and offline.

Adding Notes To The Tickets

Singu FM facilitates effective communication with notes and messages, images, technical documents or proposals. You can set visibility levels to keep certain data private where necessary.

Asset Linking

If a digital work order relates to an asset, link that object in the task for easy reference, track asset downtime and generate asset lifecycle reports. This enables more effective asset maintenance and management. Stored asset history assists with decision making.

Adding Role Player

Keep all relevant role players updated by adding observers or coordinators to work orders. When anything changes, the service maintenance software will alert them.

List Of Tickets

A list gives you an overview of all work orders, making it easy to track progress and prioritize tasks. Users can customize the view to their needs and export data. Authorized employees can redirect tickets, change their status and more.


Easily find the information you’re after with the work order list’s filtering system on the reactive maintenance module. Use date, priority, building complex or ticket status to find your data and save the filter settings for quick referencing in future.

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