Easy Integration Makes for Streamlined Use

Integrations Features

Access Control Systems

Enter through high-security speed gates and turnstiles by scanning a QR code on your smartphone.

Staff-free Reception

You can create a reception area without a receptionist and simply install an all-in-one sign in kiosk. A totem will contain both iPad and DYMO printer to guide guests through the sign-in process.

Turnstiles & Lifts

Manage the use of your turnstiles, lifts and gates with the help of Singu Guestbook. We provide software and hardware to integrate with existing systems and access is controlled with QR codes and scanners.

Vehicle Registration Number Identification

Improve your parking system for both guests and employees when you manage barriers & gates with Singu. QR codes can be used or RFID and LPR technology when you opt for Singu SSD (Singu Smart Security Desk).

Software Integrations

Integrate your visitors’ favorite tools with Singu Guestbook to elevate their check-in experience. Streamline your visitor management process by using the access control and parking management features, turning Singu Guestbook into the ultimate visitor management platform for your business.

Singu Tenant App

Tenants can smoothly communicate via dedicated app. Both mobile and desktop versions are available and handy features include problem reporting, news features and viewing media consumption.

Singu FM

The Singu FM app is all about facility management. Anyone involved in the management or maintenance of real estate will benefit from its features and it can be integrated with Singu Guestbook.

Singu Smart Security Desk

The arrival and departure of everyone that uses the building—guests and employees—can be managed via Singu SSD. The Smart Security Desk is a cloud- based platform which can be integrated with Singu Guestbook and help you manage both vehicle & people access.

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Mobile Invitation

Impress guests even before they arrive! Branded mobile invitation contains all relevant meeting information like parking tips, Wi-Fi access while the QR code automates the check-in process, opens turnstiles and much more. Customize invitations on the visitor software settings to suit your needs.

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Self Check In

Ready to streamline your building’s check-in process with Singu Guestbook, the practical automated front desk system for modern building management? Self check-in features speed up the guest registration process making your guests feel welcome, without you employing more staff. Will you enjoy the benefits?

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Data Collection

The Singu Guestbook visitor registration software is all about making it easy for users as well as protecting your interests. All the data about sites’ visitors is saved and kept secure. Property managers and tenants determine what data to collect and how you want to utilize it to your benefit.

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