Built-in Access Control System

Safe and Smooth Flow with Built-in Access Control System

Built-in Access Control System

Supporting Multiple Technologies

Singu supplies everything you need to use QR codes, number plates or NFC to manage the opening of turnstiles, parking barriers, lifts and gates. The visitor tracking software can integrate with 3rd party systems in your building as well as parking area. We also offer Singu Smart Security Desk (SSD) where you can integrate CCTV systems, LPR and RFID technology to optimize your access control on site.

Singu Smart Controller

We provide you with the hardware to streamline your access control system, in the form of our Singu Smart Controller. The controller can manage QR codes, LPR cameras and RFID antennas that read RFID vehicle tags, to manage visitor access. The use of RFID and LPR technology is an additional option, made possible if you opt for Singu SSD.

Worker Timesheets

Singu Guestbook visitor software can help you manage employees’ timesheets by providing reports on when employees enter and exit the building. Use NFC cards with Singu Guestbook as a time-saving method for them to check in or check out, while you also gather accurate records of all workers’ real time worked.

Key Management

Whenever a key is taken or exchanged between parties, the virtual receptionist software can log the activity. This makes key management easy and it’s easy to refer to the history on the platform if a dispute or security issue arises. If a key is lost you’ll know exactly who had it last.

Permanent Passes

With Singu it’s easy to manage both temporary AND permanent passes. You can permanently assign a QR code to someone and even make a code valid for a certain period to ensure quick access for long-term visitors. Alternatively, issue NFC cards for long term guests and monitor who takes which card. For NFC cards you will need an NFC card reader.

Multiple & Long-term Visitor Passes

Make it easy for guests who will enter multiple times and visit different departments in the building over the course of a few days. You decide how long a visitor’s pass is valid. Ensure the safety of your premises by simply adjusting the guidelines of that specific code, rather than issuing a fixed access card.

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Mobile Check In

Streamline your guests’ visits with the help of mobile technology. From mobile invitations to scanning QR codes straight from the devices’ screens, it’s easy with Singu Guestbook. This is how you improve building security and showcase your brand’s modern approach to business.

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Touchless Check-In

Using their mobile device, visitors provide all the information needed to complete check-in. No logbooks, touchscreens, or superfluous contact with staff — a quicker, more efficient, and safer way to handle reception, especially during a pandemic.

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Visitors Parking Support

Reserve parking for guests before visits to improve traffic flow.

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