Visitors Parking Support

Time Saving Visitors Parking Support

Parking Booking

Hosts of pre-booked guests can reserve a parking spot for their future visitors. The process is managed via the Singu Guestbook automated front desk system so all information about a person’s visit is kept in one place.

Approval Process

A simple management process of accepting or rejecting a booking request helps you organize parking on site. When a parking is assigned to a guest, both the visitor and the host will receive a confirmation email that contains the parking bay number.

CCTV Cameras & Barrier Integration

To prevent traffic jams and improve security, integrate Singu Guestbook with your camera and barrier access system. Singu SSD (Smart Security Desk) can help manage access to the parking area, automating the system with the help of QR codes, LPR and RFID technology.

QR Code & Totem Integration

Ensure pre-booked guests have easy access to the parking area by installing totems with iPad and DYMO printers in that area. Guests can scan their QR codes to enter the parking. By integrating it with your gates or turnstiles, this can also give them swift access to the building without the need of human interaction.

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Built-in Access Control System

Enter through speed gates, turnstiles, or lifts by scanning a QR code on your smartphone.

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Optimize outcomes by easily integrating with access control systems and other Singu products.

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Visitor Watchlist

Create watchlists with unwelcome individuals’ data to identify unwanted guests before they enter the building.

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