Singu Guestbook at Lumen and Skylight

Client Description

Unibail-Rodamco is the industry leader in real estate in Europe and the world’s third largest company in the sector, listed on the stock exchange. Unibail-Rodamco currently manages, through its group of joint venture companies, a portfolio of commercial buildings with a total value of 37,8 billion euro. The Polish branch manages prestigious, A-class office buildings „Skylight”and „Lumen” - part of Złote Tarasy complex in Warsaw, as well as shopping centers: Arkadia, Galeria Mokotów, Galeria Wileńska and Wroclavia.

The Business Need

Coordination of day-to-day tasks (with more than 70tenants), management of technical issues (malfunctions, inspections, maintenance, devices) and documentation, required implementation of a fully-featured software platform. An additional need was to introduce a modern guest book, automating the entrance to the office in the reception building

The Solution

Unibail-Rodamco has decided to implement Singu FM, facility and maintenance management software, at Lumen & Skylight office buildings. The owner and the manager wanted to provide different modules for key services (technicians, security, cleaning and industry-related services). The external maintenance companies that have access to the system, can add email notifications of their works which are then accepted by all building services. Also, firefighters have access to the platform in terms of the acceptance of the work carried out with open fire. Access to relevant queries and issues, helpdesk requests, shared documents, current meter readings or an online list of service visits within the premises is possible by the tenant portal.

Unibail-Rodamco also decided to implement the Singu Guestbook - digital visitor management system. The guests can register, indicating which company they are visiting at the self-service stations using touchscreens. Thanks to QR codes sent in an e-mail invitation, the guest scan scan them and speed up registration process. Tenants are informed about the guest’s arrival via email having access to the history of all visits in their office.

Achieved Objectives

  • Transfer all communication to one, centralized visitor management platform
  • Transparency among tenants, building services, external services, manager and owner
  • Reducing the time required to complete the tickets submitted by tenants and improving the quality of services provided by the building service staff
  • Improving the security of the facility
  • Providing additional value for tenants increasing the prestige of the property
  • Speeding up the registration process of the guests

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