About Facility Management Group (FMG)

FMG is one of the leading facility management companies in Azerbaijan with over 400 business and residential facilities under its management.  Company focuses on the management of commercial properties, but also specializes in serving entities of various profiles: multifunctional complexes, offices and administrative buildings, trade and entertainment centers, banks, hospitals, hotels, and more.. They offer a wide range of services on comprehensive upkeep of commercial buildings. Its mission is to provide highly professional services that would exceed property market expectations, maximize customer satisfaction with an emphasis on continuous innovativeness, high standards, well-considered systems, and efficiency.

Building of Begoc Business Center, FMG's Headquarters, Baku
Begoc Business Center, FMG's Headquarters, Baku

Before the Implementation

FMG needed a centralized tool to manage different kinds of buildings, including shopping malls, office buildings, a brewery, and residential properties, all situated in different locations in Baku. It was important to find the software that is easy to implement and which could help with both facility maintenance operations and technical building management. In the end, they found the most suitable software solution for their needs – Singu FM.

"The implementation of Singu FM with the Velis Real EstateTech team has been smooth and on schedule. This not only proved to be a step forward in the quality of our services but also significantly improved the efficiency of our internal processes. I appreciate the support we have received, ensuring that we could quickly receive answers to any of our questions.”
Ramin Sarkarov, Senior Enterprise Resources Planning Specialist at Facility Management Group

Sahil Plaza building in Baku
Sahil Plaza, Baku

Sahil Plaza, Baku

Benefits of Implementing Singu FM for FMG

Singu FM is a user-friendly cloud-based computer-aided facility management system (CAFM) that combines facility and maintenance management features into one integrated solution. With the app, costs can be reduced, operational efficiencies improved, and profitability boosted. The following are some of the most crucial benefits for FMG:

  • Work processes that are paperless
  • Transparent work status information
  • Manage historical data securely
  • Ability to perform daily activities on the fly using mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)
  • The ability to create sophisticated analysis across multiple locations

Additionally, managers have access to a number of recent reports and statistics about their office buildings. Overall, implementing Singu FM is definitely a wise decision for any facility manager, as well as for the property manager, asset manager, office manager, community manager, and more. With its many benefits, it can definitely help you to better manage your facility and achieve your goals.

“The main advantage was that the communication process was improved. Every member of a process can access the platform and see the status of the task at any time. With the Singu FM platform, delegating projects and supervising them is a breeze.”
Ramin Sarkarov, Senior Enterprise Resources Planning Specialist at Facility Management Group

Chinar Plaza building in Baku
Chinar Plaza, Baku


As a result of the Singu FM implementation, the upper management now has a real-time bird's-eye view of what's happening at the properties which increased transparency. Let's summarize the project by highlighting some key numbers:

  • 21 buildings supported by Singu FM covering a total area of 367 294.3 sqm
  • 21 283 tickets created
  • 138 902 service visits performed
  • 52 405 inspections scheduled
  • 7 993 managed equipment

Building of Dalga Plaza, Baku
Dalga Plaza, Baku

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