Singu FM at Africarium in ZOO Wrocław

About Aqua Serwis & ZOO Wrocław

Aqua Serwis is a company with an abundance of specialists that are well versed and proficient in the management and maintenance of modern public buildings that are operationally, technically, and technologically complex. The company aims to provide its clients with a sense of security by constantly developing and responding to the changing needs of their clients. Most importantly, they are working to improve the attractiveness of the facilities continually.

The company provides technical maintenance of the Africarium – Oceanarium building in the Wrocław Zoological Garden, known simply as the Wrocław Zoo. The building has a few zones, each of which presents a different part of Africa. There is a simulation of a humid tropical climate, which requires constant equipment operation to maintain high humidity and temperature. The building contains several aquariums: the shark pool, the hippo pool, the penguin pool, the crocodile pool, the manatee pool, and the kittiwake pool with a total of 15,000,000 liters of water, and this makes that the Africarium has the largest reservoir capacity for this type of facility in Europe.

With such diverse specific equipment under one roof, it’s no surprise that Aqua Serwis needs a more effective solution to coordinate all tasks and be up to date with all inspections.

Wrocław Africarium's Building

Challenges Before the Implementation

The Africarium receives a crowd of visitors, approximately 2 million visitors a year, making it even more challenging to keep the elements of the building’s structure and interior fittings in optimum performance while maintaining an appropriate level of cleanliness and orderliness.

Before the implementation of the solution, the company had to employ the use of several tools to manage different schedules, including inspections, walk-arounds, and tasks. Not to mention how time-consuming and strenuous it was to create the task execution report for the Zoo Wrocław.

Water animals
long acrylic tunnel underwater with fish around
Walking through the 18 meter long acrylic tunnel gives a thrilling experience of being underwater


Aqua Serwis decided to invest in Singu FM, particularly for the Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) and Asset Management features, to keep them in control of building sound maintenance management systems and thereby probing the lifespan of the building's assets. It took about two months to implement Singu FM in the Africarium ZOO Wrocław. The project started with the launch of the Service ticket module allowing all Aqua Serwis’ employees access to the platform. In the following week’s module of the equipment, inspections were activated. The entire implementation process was carried out in constant contact between the client and Velis specialists, who did their best to provide Aqua Serwis with support at all stages of the Singu FM implementation.

The specificity of the facility and care for the fauna and flora presented requires a continuous process of implementation of tasks in accordance with the schedules of rounds and cyclic inspections. The process of service is supposed to minimize the possible failure of any system that could affect the living animals and plants of the Africarium.

Consequently, the most used PPM module contains as many as 113 inspection definitions. Over 220 different inspections are carried out at the Africarium every month.

The Singu FM platform gives reminders of upcoming inspection tasks and coordination of deadlines.

Singu FM is also functional as a mobile application, streamlining the daily asset management and employees responsible for the equipment upkeep. An inventory of more than 90 of the virtual devices and smaller systems in the facility allows quick access to the required information by people working on the site.

Aqua Serwis also implemented a few other modules of Singu FM, and they include

  • Service ticket management
  • Technical inspections (Planned Preventive Maintenance)
  • Managing of equipment (Asset Management)
  • Work time management
  • Reporting and dashboard
  • Virtual document management (e.g., protocols).

Rocks inside
AFRICARIUM is the devoted to the flora and fauna of Africa

"Digitizing inspections and reports was an important evolutionary step in optimizing our documentation and planned preventive maintenance management.  Singu FM compatibility is enabling us to automate and speed up these processes. The functionality of the application, the short implementation period, and the added value for Aqua Serwis's clients, has dictated the deployment of Singu FM in the majority of facilities from the company's extensive portfolio. Aqua Serwis, in cooperation with the Velis team, is working on the development of new dedicated modules and functionalities to adapt the software to customer needs."

Tomasz Wilanowski, Vice President of the Management Board, Aqua Serwis S.A

The volume of water in the tanks consists of ∼13 600 m³ + 5 000 m³ in filtering installations

Benefits of Implementing Singu FM

Singu FM enabled Aqua Serwis to push efficient working practices forward and also reduce the cost of operation operating costs. The system can perform at optimum condition on mobile devices anywhere and anytime, which gives technicians and other specialists the ability to make inspections and carry out various tasks way quicker, whenever, and wherever. Here are some of the most significant advantages of Singu FM to Aqua Serwis:

  • Reducing the operating costs
  • Making monitoring and controlling of the processes easier
  • Increasing the transparency of services provided to the ZOO Wroclaw- Streamlining the processes of handling service tickets
  • Simplifying the processes of facility and maintenance management and technical inspections
  • Easy reporting
  • Creating a functional document archive for facilities and equipment

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