ECE, a European leader in managing and operating shopping centers, faced significant challenges in maintaining the sprawling infrastructure of their numerous properties. The need for an integrated approach to facility management was paramount to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and elevate the shopper and tenant experience. The solution came in the form of Singu FM, an advanced Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software deployed across their Central and Eastern European Portfolio.

The Challenge

Before Singu, ECE grappled with disjointed maintenance processes. Work orders were cumbersome, preventive maintenance was sporadic, and real-time reporting was non-existent. This resulted in increased downtime of essential services, tenant dissatisfaction, and inflated operational costs.

We had decided to use the Singu FM platform to standardize our operations, we found that a usable system could greatly support both technical managers and ECE staff and improve the flow of information. The pandemic period was the time when all investments paid off, and it turned out that the investment in software was a great idea because it allowed us to quickly adapt to change, introduce new solutions, and use those solutions that had already been developed over the years. Without software, it would have been difficult to manage employees or continue to keep the facilities open - says Tomasz Polek, Technical Manager at ECE.

Singu FM Implementation

Singu FM was integrated into ECE's operations with specific objectives:

1.    Automated Work Order Management: Streamlining maintenance requests for quick and efficient resolution.

2.    Preventive Maintenance Scheduling: Proactively managing maintenance tasks to avoid unexpected equipment failures.

3.    Property Inspections: Documenting move-in/move-out procedures and associated maintenance for tenants.

4.    Real-Time Analytics and Reporting: Leveraging data for informed decision-making and identifying improvement areas.

5.    Integration with IoT and NFC: Utilizing IoT, NFC Tags and Beacons for enhanced monitoring, control of facilities, and precise cost settlements.

6.    Singu Tenant App: All tenants have access to the platform through a dedicated Singu Tenant App. All communication between the ECE management, security, cleaning service, etc., takes place through the system. All work notifications are made electronically. Monitoring tenant satisfaction and publishing information for tenants.

7.    External Services Control: Monitoring the current work of services, controlling the timeliness of work completion, and access to current data during contract negotiations.

8.    Media Consumption Management: Monitoring current media consumption.

9.    Warehouse: The system maintains a database of material resources and accounts for the consumption of spare parts.

The Scope:

Singu FM, a comprehensive facility management solution, has significantly transformed the operations and management of 17 Shopping Centers across the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region. This expansive coverage includes 26 buildings and caters to a diverse user base of 6,872 individuals.

·      Tenant Engagement and Efficiency: Singu Tenant App currently serves over one thousand tenants, streamlining their interactions and reporting. Remarkably, about 100 000 work notifications have been processed through Singu FM, enabling a transition away from paper-based documentation, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.

·      Facility Management Excellence: Singu FM has been instrumental in managing a staggering 347,782 property inspections and addressing 157,900 tickets across various facilities. The system comprehensively monitors the entire infrastructure of the centers, with an inventory of 20k devices. This real-time monitoring and management of infrastructure reviews, incident reports, and equipment status allow for effective online technical management. It includes updates on potential malfunctions, defects, and timely reporting of inspections, especially for critical devices.

·      External Services Integration: The platform has successfully integrated almost five hundred external services, providing them access to the system for seamless work accounting and management.

·      Innovative Use of IoT: The implementation of Singu FM includes 527 NFC tags and 153 beacons, constituting a fully integrated, responsive IoT network. This network is pivotal for monitoring inspections, equipment, and ensuring accurate execution of patrols and reviews.

·      Warehouse Management: Singu FM efficiently manages warehouse resources, currently tracking one thousand inventory items. It has processed 43,041 warehouse transactions, enabling continuous monitoring of inventory levels and their values.

·      Media Consumption Monitoring: The system adeptly handles the readings from over one thousand meters, with 8,380 readings entered into the system. This data is crucial for quick responses to irregular media consumption, monitoring of meter statuses, and optimizing media usage.


The implementation of the Singu FM platform resulted in time and cost savings and 500%+ ROI for ECE managing and improving the operational efficiency of properties in the following areas:

1.    Enhanced Operational Efficiency: With Singu FM's centralized dashboard, ECE now manages work orders with unprecedented ease, leading to a significant reduction in response times.

2.    Preventive Maintenance Excellence: The systematic approach to preventive maintenance has extended the lifespan of equipment from an average of 10 to 12 years, decreasing the frequency of breakdowns. The reduced frequency of failures and extended equipment lifespan translate to significant cost savings. The systematic approach to preventive maintenance has extended the lifespan of equipment and decreased the frequency of breakdowns.

3.    Data-Driven Decision Making: Singu FM’s analytics capabilities have empowered ECE to make strategic decisions based on real-time data, optimizing both resources and operations. The time required for report preparation has been reduced from 3 days to just 1 hour, leading to considerable savings in time and managerial costs.

Singu FM’s analytics capabilities have empowered ECE to make strategic decisions based on real-time data, optimizing both resources and operations.

4.    Cost Effectiveness: ECE observed substantial cost reductions in maintenance and operations due to streamlined processes and preventive strategies. €33,000 in annual cost savings per facility.

5.    Improved Tenant Relations: The quick resolution of maintenance issues has increased tenant satisfaction by approximately 20%, along with cost savings due to the transition from paper-based work order documentation to electronic formats. The time required for work order notification and approval has been dramatically reduced from 2 days to just 3 hours, leading to a substantial increase in operational efficiency.

6.    Sustainable Operations: By enabling efficient resource management, Singu FM has contributed to more sustainable and environmentally friendly operations and carbon footprint reduction.

Future Aspirations:

ECE looks forward to exploring further integrations and customizations with Singu FM, aiming to continually improve their facility management, enhance tenant experiences, and maintain their leadership in the retail property sector.

The Conclusion:

The implementation of Singu FM at ECE Shopping Centers has set a new standard in facility management. By embracing technological advancements, ECE has not only optimized its operations but also established a scalable model for the future, ensuring continued success and leadership in the competitive retail property market. With a 500%+ return on Investment across a portfolio of complex shopping centers, the system truly pays for itself.

We can't imagine managing shopping centers without the Singu system. The solution is so deeply integrated into our structures that even during hard times like the COVID pandemic and including the closure of shopping centers, we never thought of abandoning it. Mainly because the system generates real savings. Shift workers, tenants, management - they can all communicate easily through the system or a mobile app
- adds Tomasz Polek, Technical Manager at ECE

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