Singu FM for Aversi Clinic in Georgia

About Aversi Clinic

Founded in 2007, Aversi Clinic has grown into a leading multi-profile medical-diagnostic institution with 13 branches and 22 laboratories in Georgia. Every day, the clinic provides care to about 2000 patients. Aversi Clinic laboratory has become the first in Georgia to be accredited as a Medical Laboratory with the ISO 15189 quality standard.

Before the Implementation

In addition to providing effective, high-quality medical care, one of Aversi Clinic's goals is to introduce the latest technologies that meet the standards of world-class clinics. That means thousands of pieces of equipment need to be properly maintained. To streamline its maintenance procedures, Aversi Clinic selected Singu FM as its facility management system.

Velis works with an extensive network of Velis Real Estate Tech partners. Our partner in Georgia is BDO Digital. BDO Digital is the subsidiary of BDO, leading global accounting and consulting organizations. Since 2004, BDO Digital team provides digital consulting and technology solutions with the goal to provide digital transformation as a service to Georgian companies. The future of business is difficult to predict in a digital world where change is a daily challenge. BDO Digital, however, assist their clients in transforming their businesses and overcoming such challenges. Aversi Clinic selected BDO Digital to work on this project and implement Singu FM.

“We strive to help businesses gain a competitive edge by embracing leading technologies in their digital transformation journey. Singu FM, a facility and maintenance management software, is one of such solutions. As a Velis Real Estate Tech partner, we are pleased to be part of the digital transformation of real estate and implement Singu FM at Aversi Clinics.”, Mariam Zhgenti, Head of Sales, BDO Digital Georgia

a nurse talking to an older man

Meeting Healthcare Demands with Singu FM

Infrastructure and equipment in clinics can be extremely sensitive. Equipment downtime could seriously affect critical medical care. Facilities management in the healthcare sector requires a powerful and reliable tool – a CAFM&CMMS system such as Singu FM - to handle these tasks. To ensure top-notch hygiene and sanitation, healthcare facilities must adhere to strict standards. Cleanliness and sanitation tasks are completed thoroughly using healthcare facility management software.

Singu FM is a versatile solution that supports facility and maintenance management, no matter which industry you’re in. In this project Singu FM was installed in five clinic facilities with a total floor area of 15230 square meters. Besides equipment maintenance professionals using Singu FM, the application allows nurses and doctors to quickly enter any problem, who use the application regularly.

„For healthcare facilities like clinics, it is imperative to respond swiftly to all service requests without compromising quality. This is why, we needed an effective maintenance management software like Singu FM that can best address our facility management needs to provide the best service to our patients.” Lela Kakalashvili, Project Coordinator, Aversi Clinic

a smiled nurse helping the patient
medical equipment

Singu FM was implemented in September, 2022 in Aversi Clinics.

Implementing Singu FM has many benefits - here are a few of them:

  • Singu FM has streamlined preventive maintenance and improved maintaining all medical equipment and machines. Singu FM has streamlined preventive maintenance and improved maintaining all medical equipment and machines. Along with promoting longer asset operational usefulness, performing scheduled and preventive maintenance on clinic facilities regularly ensures that assets will not fail unexpectedly, and clinics are always equipped for emergencies. Over 200 preventive and planned maintenance schedules were created in the first 2 months of operations.
  • Singu FM features ensures complete safety and security of the facility. With the software, all facilities and assets are monitored. Initially more than 2,100 devices were imported into the Singu FM platform, and more are scheduled to be added. The Singu FM solution simplified and automated facility management operations by replacing manual entries and XLS files.
  • Reactive maintenance work orders are now tracked with automatic notifications and reminders. Nursing and medical staff use this module for notifying the facility management team about any problems they experience in the course of their duties. Technicians document and acknowledge their work using Singu FM. Because the solution is a cloud-based healthcare facility management software, it is accessible from anywhere using any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Staff can easily create tickets using their mobile app. Using a single integrated software allows for tracking of user satisfaction and predefined SLA’s. Nearly one thousand tickets were added to the system in the first 2 months.
  • Using Singu FM, it was possible to streamline communication with Aversi Clinic’s subcontractors. Initially, nine subcontractors were added to the system. Each vendor has access to their own mobile app, enabling them to take care of all maintenance tasks required.

yellow building of aversi clinic

To Sum Up

  • Implementation of the main modules of Singu FM has been successfully completed, however, thousands of assets are still being added to the system.
  • Among the most actively used modules by the clinic are Equipment Management, Reactive Maintenance Management, Planned and Preventive Maintenance.
  • Staff in local clinics (in particular nurses and doctors) have observed a drastic improvement in maintenance workers' response times.
  • Maintenance teams, including third-party contractors, have noted simplified coordination and improved accountability.
  • Aversi Clinic and BDO Digital continue working closely together to implement many other valuable functions that are available as part of the Singu FM solution.

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