Partnership Between BDO Digital and Velis Real Estate Tech

Partner of Velis Real Estate Tech: BDO Digital
Product: Singu FM
Country: Georgia

The Singu FM platform has already been implemented in more than 30 countries across 5 continents. Digital transformation of real estate wouldn’t be possible without the partnership network of Velis Real Estate Tech. Throughout this case study, we will focus on BDO Digital, one of Velis' partners, and explain how the company implemented Singu FM for their client – Aversi Clinics.

About BDO Digital

With digital services and comprehensive IT solutions, BDO Digital helps middle market businesses harness the full potential of technology. Since 2004, the company has been offering digital consulting and technology solutions with the goal to provide digital transformation as a service to Georgian companies.

A few of the services that BDO Digital offers to their clients include:

  • Digital strategy,
  • Security and compliance,
  • Outsourcing,
  • Process optimization and automation using different solutions (ERP, RPA etc.)
  • Data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI).

In June 2021, BDO Digital became an official partner of Velis Real Estate Tech and became responsible for implementing Singu FM in Georgia.

BDO Digital's first Singu FM project was for Aversi Clinics. Discover how the BDO team and Velis Real Estate Tech worked together during the implementation process by reading this success story.

BDO Digital logo with motto

The Goal

The goal of the project was clearly defined – to ensure and improve facility and maintenance management of medical facilities at Aversi Clinics – a multi-profile medical-diagnostic institution with 13 branches and 22 laboratories in Georgia.

Aversi Clinics’ mission is to provide high-quality, effective medical care while keeping up with world-class clinic standards through the use of the latest technology. There are thousands of pieces of equipment that need to be maintained properly. It was important to the client to find a local Georgian company that could provide the right software solution. This is how Aversi Clinics decided to work with BDO Digital and deploy Singu FM.

The First Singu FM Implementation Project and Partnership Details

The implementation process was divided into two parts.

At the beginning, BDO Digital worked closely with Velis Real Estate Tech. During that time, the Velis team shared their knowledge and experience about topics such as how to configure the system, how to use particular application modules, or what are best practices for conducting training sessions for prospects in an effective manner. There were selected project implementation leaders from Velis and BDO Digital to ensure the success of the project.

What sets BDO Digital apart is their huge commitment and eagerness to learn Singu FM in depth. As a result of the knowledge gained during the first implementation, BDO Digital was able to implement Singu FM entirely on their own already during the second project.

Currently, BDO Digital is providing ongoing post-implementation support to Aversi Clinics, as well as continuing the second part of the implementation in their next facilities.

“Singu FM, one of the systems that BDO Digital distributes in Georgia, met the needs of our client. The product is also in line with our long-term development strategy. Despite the fact that Singu software is not so popular in Georgia, we are observing a growing market need for the facility and maintenance management software. This is why we will further focus on the implementation of Singu FM in a variety of different building types in our country.”

Zviad Oragvelidze, Partner, Head of Technology and Innovation at BDO Digital

How Singu FM Improved Facility Management at Aversi Clinics

So far, Singu FM has been implemented in five clinic facilities with a total floor area of 15230 square meters. Nursing and medical professionals are the key users of Singu FM. At the moment, Singu FM is being implemented at another two medical facilities of Aversi Clinics by BDO Digital.

Some of the benefits of implementing Singu FM are as follows:

  • All medical equipment and machines are being maintained more efficiently and effectively by Singu FM.
  • Maintaining clinic facilities regularly prevents unexpected failures, and ensures that clinics are prepared for any emergencies.
  • Maintaining medical equipment and other assets is easier and more reliable due to the maintenance scheduling features.

You can learn more about this project by reading Singu FM for Aversi Clinic case study.

“I would like to emphasize the great partnership we have built with Velis Real Estate Tech. Our excellent communication, regular meetings and constant support provided by Velis regarding the implementation process or training resources was extremely valuable in helping us to successfully deploy Singu FM. With Velis' support, we were able to create a demo version of Singu FM tailored to our needs. Communication with both the Sales and Implementation departments was also a positive experience. We were able to learn a lot from the technical and sales side, e.g. through dedicated Velis Partner Buletin full of practical Velis tips and their know-how.”

Tornike Darchia, Head Of Cloud Applications Hub at BDO Digital Georgia, Singu FM Implementation Coordinator

Partner Activities

BDO Digital, with its high level of partner activity, ongoing digital marketing initiatives, as well as the creation of exclusive educational material, is able to streamline the implementation of the Singu FM. Here are some examples of the partner activities:

A wealth of experience and resources means one thing for BDO Digital – Singu FM will be implemented in a growing number of facilities.

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