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Tips to Transform Buildings into Engaged Tenant Communities

November 30, 2022

As the shared economy emerges and tenants have more autonomy, they expect even more from their workplaces. Investing in tools that support you to grow your building's community as well as take care of your tenants' well-being is crucial. Nowadays, relationships are everything, so tenants without a positive experience at their workplace are more likely to leave.

In this article, we will cover easy-to-implement tips to create an engaged tenant community using tenant apps for building owners, managers, and tenants.

Advantages of Using Tenant App for Building Owners

Would you like to know how to engage your tenants more effectively? Not sure what tools to use for tenant service? Are you looking for ways to improve the tenant experience? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, here's how you can do it.

Tenant app to streamline tenant experience

How to Improve Tenant Experience?

TIP 1 – Provide Exclusive Content to Your Tenants to Keep Them Engaged and Happy

  • Make it easy for them to discover new services, connect with other occupiers, and register for upcoming events around them.
  • Bring your building's amenities to the attention of your tenants and encourage them to use them.
  • Stay in touch with your building's community and collect data on your tenants' preferences with building-wide surveys and polls
A mobile app with tenant events

TIP 2 – Create a Building Community That Is Active and Engaged and Communicate with Your Building Community

  • Whenever you want, announce important information to your community
  • Provide your tenants with the option of booking common areas, scooters, registering for yoga classes, and more
  • There are several ways in which building owners and managers can reach out to tenants through posting public announcements, sending tailored content, or creating a building page with all necessary information gathered in one place
Tenant building page

TIP 3 – Take a Holistic View and Leverage IoT Sensors

  • Use one dashboard for managing and overseeing all your buildings and monitoring your tenant satisfaction
  • Some software for occupiers can provide tenants with vital information about the environmental parameters of the spaces they rent. With the help of IoT sensors, tenants can choose the right meeting room based on the weather or the time of day.
  • Monitoring and adjusting parameters like room temperature, conference room availability, and toilet hygiene can be done more easily with sensors and automatic data transfers. Tenants and other employees can focus on the matters that matter most to them rather than reporting defects or incorrect humidity conditions in the office.

Advantages of Using Tenant App for Building Managers

How to Engage with Tenants?

The goal of every building is to attract the best tenants. Tenants don't usually get to interact with their building managers. In these circumstances, you may experience communication barriers between your tenants and trust may even be damaged.

Tip 1 – Use a central platform for managing all your content

  • With the tenant experience digital solutions, tenants have access to building plans, restaurant and service information, public transportation schedules, and coupons with discounts.
  • Tenants can access such information using their mobile devices through a building's digital page.
tenant experi

Tip 2 – Show your tenants what's important.

  • Let occupiers know what your building has to offer by sharing information about your building's amenities, facilities, and features.

Tip 3 – Make event bookings hassle-free.

  • Create a calendar of events that will keep your audience engaged.
  • Makes it possible for tenants to participate in events and activities held in the building or from a remote location. It will help managers build a stronger community and increase engagement.

Tip 4 – Create an online Community Directory.

  • Let occupants explore their surroundings and connect with each other
  • Provide tenants with easy access to all property manager and technician contact information, including telephone numbers and e-mails.
tenant experience app news

Final Thoughts

Today, location is no longer enough to determine your building's value in an industry that is constantly changing. Technology that transforms buildings into communities might be the answer to today's challenges.

With the digital transformation of the CRE industry, tenant experience is becoming increasingly important. Schedule a demo of our tenant engagement platform today so you can discover what makes a tenant-centric company, and how you can build an engaged community of tenants.

Written by:
Kacper Troć
Team Lead at Velis Real Estate Tech

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