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5 Benefits of Visitor Management & Automated Vehicle Access Control System Integration

June 16, 2021

Think about one integrated system of visitor management and vehicle access control in your facility. Combination of software and hardware that gathers all real-time data in one place, ensuring automation and higher quality of service, increasing building value at the same time.

You may already use a visitor management system or wonder about implementing it. If not, it is worth mentioning that this kind of mobile-friendly solution upgrades visitors’ experience within a facility thanks to the fast check-in process and easy visits pre-registration, increasing security as well as offering building managers more control at the same time. Secure cloud-based visitor management software enables you to track visitor traffic, get an overview of guests at any time, and - as a result, help you to make better decisions and effectively manage a single property or even a whole real estate portfolio.

But what about parking, vehicles, and other aspects of guest management within your office building, logistic park, warehouse, or other types of real estate? Traffic jams and problems with finding free parking space, high security costs or outdated and insecure paper passes may cause dissatisfaction among visitors, employees, and clients, jeopardizing a good first impression. 

What to do? The solution is to integrate a vehicle access control system with visitor management software providing one comprehensive solution for vehicle and people access. Discover the benefits of this integration for managers, owners, security officers, tenants as well as other involved users. Firstly, it is worth considering how exactly this kind of solution works.

How Does the Automated Vehicle Access Control System Work?

A vehicle access control system is a combination of software and hardware solutions that automate the drivers’ entries as well as exits processes and allow for efficient management of guests, employees, and suppliers on the premises. 

How does it work in practice? To begin with, a cloud-based platform is integrated with local infrastructure (like existing access control, barriers, intercoms, and CCTV) as well as LPR (License Plate Recognition) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technologies or even QR codes and NFC. This integration ensures quick vehicle identification and automatic barrier opening. Let’s dive deeper into these mysterious names and provide with some details of how mentioned technologies work:

  • LPR – when the vehicle approaches the entry gate, an LPR camera installed near a barrier recognizes the vehicle's registration number. If the registration number has already been saved in the software, the barriers open automatically for pre-booked visitors or regular employees.
  • RFID – employees receive special RFID tags and attach them to the windshield of the car. RFID antenna installed near the barrier reads a tag and, after positive verification of the vehicle, the barrier opens automatically. 
  • QR codes and NFC – installation of the totem with a special scanner inside allows drivers to scan generated QR codes or issued NFC-based cards to open the barrier.

The integration of all mentioned hardware technologies with modern software creates not only automation of barrier opening but also a whole vehicle access control system gathering data about the entire vehicle flow. Moreover, in combination with visitor management software, we receive one, comprehensive system offering the new quality of managing guests and employees. Behind this quality improvement appear various profits.

Some of the benefits of visitor management and vehicle access control system integration:

1. Effective management of the parking thanks to automation

2. Security increase

3. Security cost and paperwork reduction

4. Access to all real-time visitor data in one system

5. Increase of guests, employees, and clients satisfaction level

Benefits of visitor management and vehicle access control system integration

Now let’s dive deeper into mentioned advantages of this practical integration.

1. Manage Parking Effectively: Automation

Everybody has faced parking issues and knows how frustrating it can be to find a parking space or get stuck in a traffic jam. Especially, when you are in a hurry, or worse – you are already running late. Lack of free parking space is the last thing you need then. 

You may already use visitor management software and manage guests as well as employees effectively in your building atrium. Digital visitor management solutions minimize queues at reception and improve the experience of guests, but what about the parking? An automated vehicle access control system prevents traffic congestions and helps to manage parking capacity efficiently. Thanks to its integration with local infrastructure, barriers open automatically what speeds up car flow and eliminates jams in critical points like entries and exits. 

Moreover, the software brings you a quick overview of parking capacity. You know exactly how many parking spaces are occupied at a given time. There is a possibility to set the number of parking spaces per tenant and get a notification if the limit is exceeded. A tenant can book a parking space for a guest what brings convenience as well as the certainty of finding unoccupied parking space. 

2. Secure Your Real Estate Better

Thanks to the automation of a vehicle access control, you receive a quick overview of what is happening not only in your office but also in your parking, increasing security in your building. The software stores the data on all vehicles on the parking, for example, time of entry or exit or vehicle registration numbers read by LPR cameras. It is also possible to use an option of a required acceptance of the car stay or create a watchlist for those drivers who exceeded the speed limit or break another rule. Crucial security alerts are immediately sent to all involved people, increasing the reaction time for a given incident and the CCTV camera integration allows you to watch all car drivers near a barrier.

Another available option is to integrate a built-in access control system with the visitor management software and, for example, enter the building through lifts in the parking lot. If needed, visitors can access only to the given floor directly from the parking after scanning the QR code on their mobile phone, previously attached in an e-mail invitation sent from the software. This solution increases security and is also additionally valuable in COVID-19 pandemic times by reducing guests and employees contact in the building atrium, hallways, or other areas. 

Additionally, referring to coronavirus infection prevention, automation of barrier opening ensures reduced direct contact of the drivers and the security personnel. Moreover, virtual passes instead of paper ones provide the touchless experience of the visit registration, like in the case of the visitor management system. In turn, when you find that infected person was in your building, you know exactly if, and when he or she was in the parking. You can also analyze real-time vehicle traffic and better manage the number of people in the facility at the same time, reducing the risk of coronavirus infection. 

3. Reduce Security Cost and Paperwork 

Should every entry and exit within your parking be guarded by security? Do you spend a lot of time and money on creating paper documentation like passes, reports, or guestbooks? Especially, when you manage a portfolio of buildings, and all costs sum up? Integration of vehicle access control system with your local infrastructure faces up these issues. Full automation of barrier openings, thanks to the use of LPR and RFID technologies for vehicle automation as well as the intercoms and CCTV cameras, allows a security guard to centralized management of vehicle traffic from one guardhouse. This remote control of multiple sites and barriers (even within the whole building portfolio) eliminates the necessity of security personnel presence at every parking entry and exit, reducing operational costs and increasing work efficiency at the same time. 

Moreover, the use of RFID tags and LPR cameras reduces issuing paper passes to the drivers and allows their automatic registration in the system. Exchanging paper documentation into a digital one is not only beneficial in the context of preventing coronavirus infection, but also paper cost reduction. All gathered data about the visitors in the cloud-based software ensures additionally quick and easy access for crucial information for authorized users - no more searching in a pile of paper documents!

4. Access All Real-Time Visitor Data in One Place

Do you need a quick building visitors overview? Integrating visitor management software with automated vehicle access control system saves your time, bringing clear, real-time survey presenting what is happening in the building. All in one system. You can see daily traffic-confirm graphs on your dashboard that allow you to update and optimize the scheduling of security personnel work assignments, mentioned parking capacity, or budgeting. React fast, become proactive! 

Moreover, would you like to gather and compare data for various buildings in different locations and better manage the whole portfolio in one software? Integration is the solution that answers this need! Testing solutions in different conditions and locations helps to develop the most effective visitors and vehicle management model. 

Additionally, one integrated system for visitors and their vehicles improves the communication between visitors, security, tenants, front desk officers, facility and property managers, and all other involved role-players. Every authorized user of the software has access to the dedicated data and features as well as special prebooking options or news module. Big data exchange in one place, at your fingertips.  

Implementing this kind of modern technology and possessing all this data not only helps in better facility management but also increases the value of the property and allows to stand out on the market, reaching clients’ interest.

5. How to Delight Guests, Employees, and Clients Within your Building? 

Imagine that all mentioned benefits are alive within your building. Stand out and let your guests not only be impressed but also delighted by the way you welcome them in a fast and effective way, making the best first impression. Moreover, integrated access control systems are not only useful for visitors but also for every employee who uses this solution would feel the difference. 

Parking spaces reservation that saves time, implementing safety measures helpful in fulfilling today’s security expectations, real-time digital data, and improved communication between all involved users brings service experience and quality on a higher level. It is also worth mentioning that you can use one integrated system in various languages what opening your communication to new horizons, ensuring easy data access as well as transparency

As result, all these aspects can improve employee and tenant engagement and encourage them to continue working and renting space in a given building. Moreover, the value of the property and building services may increase, making it also attractive not only for current but also for potential clients.

Why Not Integrate Visitor and Vehicle Access Control Systems Today? 

As we can see, the integration of visitor management and vehicle access control systems offers the possibility of comprehensive management of guests and employees. However, how does this integration look like in practice? Is that easy? A complicated integration process and using a lot of various, difficult systems at the same time may be discouraging. Fortunately, it is possible to have all data in one system at your fingertips. At Velis Real Estate Tech, we offer one platform for multiple needs, integrating our two products: Singu Guestbook - visitor management software and Singu SSD (Smart Security Desk) - smart security system for automated vehicle access control, to help you manage both vehicle and people access effectively.

Would you like to find out more about our solutions - Visitor Management Software Singu Guestbook and Vehicle Access Control System Singu SSD? Contact us – we are here to respond to your needs and find the best way of using guest software within your real estate. Bring visitor management within your building on a higher level today!

Contact us to learn more and get a free demo of our solutions.

Written by:
Weronika Niedziółka
PropTech Expert

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