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Touchless Visitor Management Systems – During and Post COVID-19

June 2, 2021

Covid-19 pandemic has brought additional concerns about employee and visitor health into the equation. Employees want to feel safe when they return to work, and that includes knowing their employer is taking reasonable measures to protect them from COVID-19 exposure. Visitors want to feel the same way. The challenge many organizations face is the daunting task of keeping their employees and visitors safe as the pandemic surges on and continues to gain strength. Velis Real Estate Tech recognizes this new reality and we are introducing new feature to Singu Guestbook - contactless visitor sign-on option.  Enterprise visitor management systems will need to evolve to meet the new requirements generated by COVID-19. By integrating visitor management systems with other building and workplace systems and introducing more touchless features, property and facility managers will be able to reduce the impacts of virus transmission.

New Reality for Property and Facility Managers

Organizations must adapt to the new reality and implement new ways of proactively managing their employees and guests in the workplace. Property and facility managers must now think about the enforcement of entry and egress policies to meet company and government COVID-related risk management requirements. This may include redesigning their reception area to better monitor all employees and guests entering the building or adding new specific requirements like temperature screen devices.

They also have to think about office capacity limits if company or local government decides to implement social distancing requirements which will limit the number of people allowed in the building. Many organizations and buildings have also introduced, “no walk-in policy.”  If all visitors or vendors must be pre-booked, Singu Guestbook is a perfect solution for quickly adopting to the new policy.

Although VMS (visitor management systems) isn’t a new concept, it is definitely attracting more attention as a result of the pandemic.  Particularly, its new feature – touchless visitor check-in which allows visitors to sign in using their own devices rather than touching iPad’s physical interface.  

Singu Guestbook with touchless check-in limits human interaction during visitor check-in, expediates the check-in process, and helps companies adjust to the new rules and regulations. Touchless technology isn’t only about hygiene and safety. It is also a way to show your business is forward-thinking.  

Velis’ Vice-President, Adam Penkala says in response to the new reality:

“We have seen an increased demand for VMS from distribution centers, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and offices. The organizations need to quickly mitigate liability risks associated with Covid-19 in their workplace and we provide them with a solution that does just that.”

How does touchless check-in work exactly?

1. Before the Visit: Remote Registration

Hosts start by inviting their guests through an invitation email. After remote registration has been activated, visitors will receive an e-mail before the day of their visit with a link to their pre-visit instructions. Hosts have the option to implement the following new features to their invite:

  • Add a welcome message - send a customized and personalized welcome message to visitors
  • Add a Risk Assessment questionnaire – normally shown on your iPad kiosk, visitor can answer Covid related questions on their phone.  You may add or remove questions from the flow and customize it for specific requirements as an organization or type of establishment.

The following are examples of questions that your guests could answer before visiting your establishment:

  • Have you traveled outside of the country in the last 14 days?
  • Have you recently been in contact with someone infected with COVID-19?
  • Do you currently have a fever or flu-like symptoms?

Visitor did not register before on their mobile device or wasn’t pre-booked? No Problem! Visitor can scan the QR code on at the iPad kiosk and complete the registration process on their phone at the premises.

Add Images or Videos – To mitigate liability risk related to COVID, company may require a guest to watch health and safety video.  You can add images or videos which must be watched before guests can move on to the next step in the process.  

2. Day of the Visit: Unique QR Code to Scan at iPad Kiosks

If visitors comply with remote registration requirements, they are granted a unique QR code via an e-mail, which allows them access to your building. QR codes can be used at access control points like turnstiles.

Scanning the QR code by the visitor to check in
QR Code Scanning to Register

3. Host Notification

Instead of picking up the phone or running desk to desk, Singu Guestbook system notifies the host automatically when their visitors arrive.

Why Choose a Singu Guestbook Visitor Management System?  

Visitor Screening

Learn more about guests before they arrive. If you need guests to sign any documents, COVID-19 questionnaire for example, or take their photo, guests can do so in advance. This way, when they reach your lobby, all they have to do is scan their QR code from their invite to make it known that they’ve arrived.

Touchless Check-in

Eliminate line-ups and the need to touch the iPad when checking-in. Fast and safe sign in experience with QR code scan. No signing a logbook or tapping on an iPad necessary.

Touchless check in station at the reception desk in the modern office center
Touchless Check-in iPad Station

Contact Tracing

Need to know when people come and go from your workplace? Want to know if visitors have been in contact with a coronavirus patient or have a fever? With no-touch check-in you will have detailed records for contact tracing. Touchless check-in with Singu Guestbook offers a simple way of tracking every visitor or contractor on your worksite. If a suspected case of COVID-19 is identified, Singu’s reporting can not only tell you when that person was on-site but also every other person who was on your worksite at the same time which they could have come into contact with. With such comprehensive reporting, it is quick and easy for companies to communicate and ensure the safety of anyone who needs to come on-site.

Instant Reception Notification

Keeping people healthy means clearing the reception area... fast. Singu Guestbook sends real-time notifications to hosts via email that your guests had arrived.

Visitor Management in Action!

Welcome the touchless innovation in your real estate and try Singu Guestbook Touchless now. Create a touch-free and seamless sign-in process for your visitors. Feel invited to watch our video and read more  about our touchless visitor management system. See Singu Guestbook in action and contact us today.

Written by:
Patrick Gasior
PropTech Expert

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