The Tech Core

The Tech Core Features


License plate recognition acts as your “first eyes,” allowing vehicles — whether permanent pass holders or registered deliveries — via automated barriers with no human intervention. This allows safer, hands-free access for drivers. The system also tags vehicles not in your database for onsite registration by security employees via their touchscreen.


Likewise, radio-frequency identification scans will recognize already registered vehicles as they approach via tags attached to windshields. This also allows for hands-free entries for drivers while storing all info related to the vehicle into the central database.

QR Codes and NFC Tags

If it’s the best option for your facility, then totems can be installed in front of vehicle barriers and pedestrian gates. Then quick-response QR codes or NFC cards can be issued that will allow for automatic barrier or gate control.

Advanced Algorithms

Our engineers have created fast, data-crunching algorithms that make correct real-time decisions all day, every day. This allows for the seamless automated opening of barriers and the gathering of accurate information regarding vehicle entries and exits. Our foundation of collected data is one of the most extensive and solid in the industry.

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