Data Collection

Effortless Data Collection

Safe and Fast Touchless Visitor Experience

With Singu Guestbook, visitors are screened before they arrive and provided all the information they need — including health and safety instructions. When they arrive, they can be processed “hands free” using touchless technology.

Data Collection Features

Custom Fields on iPad

You have the freedom to decide which custom fields to use in during visitor sign in so you can collect the data you want. Options range from names to ID numbers and host names. Fields can be unique for each tenant and all information is captured during registration for future use.


Save time and improve security by getting NDAs signed during visitor check-in at the kiosk. Each tenant can provide its own NDA and after a guest digitally signs the forms it’s automatically stored. Guests can also ask for copies to be emailed to them.


On Singu Guestbook, real time data can be viewed as lists or charts. Customize it to your needs. Charts help with gaining quick overviews and lists provide detailed information. Several automatically generated XLS reports can be drawn for analysis and decision making.

Exporting Data

Data is only valuable if you can use it, so Singu Guestbook allows for easy reporting. Find the data you need and export to Excel for easy reference during meetings or audits.

Extra Security Layers

With Singu Guestbook, a wide range of information on who’s entering and exiting the building can be collated — and shared — quickly. Not just watchlists and reports, but emergency messages that reach all visitors in a facility within seconds increasing security.

Why You Need Touchless Technology In Times Of COVID-19

Touchless check-in means fewer people coming in contact with common surfaces like touchscreens, pens, and counters when they enter and exit.

Data Security

Easily improve visitor data security by switching from a paper based system to Singu Guestbook’s virtual receptionist app. GDPR and NDA agreements can be done during visitor sign in at the kiosk. Velis Real Estate Tech’s ISO 27001:2013 certification gives you peace of mind that data is kept safe on the cloud.

Regulatory Compliance

Make sure you comply with regulations regarding data capturing and management. Singu Guestbook provides the necessary security protocols and during audits you can quickly export the necessary reports.

GDPR Compliance

The Singu Guestbook system is compliant with GDPR data privacy regulations, so you can manage your visitor data easier than ever before, while respecting their rights. To align with the requirements, you can manage the usage rules, Terms & Conditions can be emailed to visitors and pre-booking emails can include their option to withdraw consent when they wish.

Documentation and Attachments

If your guests need to complete tests and forms or watch videos as part of their visit, manage it all through Singu Guestbook’s visitor kiosk. Health and safety training can become part of the registration process so they know how to comply even before they enter the building.

Data Retention Period

Determine which data will be collected at the touch screen visitor sign in, how long it’s stored on the Singu servers and how often it’s deleted off the system permanently.

Check Out More Features

Data Analytics & Visualization

You stay in control of what’s going on inside your building thanks to the user-friendly dashboard designed especially for reception staff, managers and security personnel. Real time data with visual representation about analyzed data such as guest flow is always on hand. Reports are easy to retrieve and understand.

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Emergency Evacuation Support

During an emergency evacuation, you need to know exactly who is present in the building. You can act quickly because you’ll have up to date information about guests. That’s the power of using a digital sign in system, rather than an outdated paper driven registration process.

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