Scheduling (Inspection Definition)

Adding Checklists

An inspection definition can have any number of tasks a technician must perform. Enter tasks manually or import via XLS spreadsheets. Decide on type, such as rating or numerical data, and incorporate checkpoints with NFC tags or beacons to ensure a technician performs inspections in the correct place.

Asset Linking

Link assets or components to a task. Pick the numerical type and Singu FM makes it easy to see if entered data fall within the defined range of the particular asset.

Work Order Creation and Linking

During inspection it’s easy to create a new digital work order that will be associated with the inspection and a specific piece of equipment.


Make sure the technician handling inspections has the right skillset. Add the expected competencies such as hours of experience or permission for certain work environments. With data on hand it’s easy to allocate work to the right technicians.

Adding Files

Supply technicians with informative documents and protocol drafts to follow. You can add multiple files to an inspection definition.


Plan effectively by using the accurate summaries of maintenance and technical services expenses. This can be exported as a detailed statement, providing insightful data to budget separately for each building according to historical data.