Your inspection list shows various fields and parameters. You can edit details, such as updating inspection dates, changing responsible parties, adding documents and more.

Statuses and Progress

An inspection can be labelled as ‘Open’, ‘Done’ or ‘Closed’. After the status is changed, you can create helpdesk work orders if needed. You can also view a graphic representation of the inspection progress, expressed in percentages.


The inspection’s list of tasks results from the original inspection definition. On the task organizer software they can be edited manually if required. In the Tasks tab, the inspection can be marked as completed or not.

Adding Comments or Signatures

Have all necessary data in one place by having technicians add comments and their digital signatures to a task. This makes for excellent control and anyone opening the item will have all information on hand instantly.

Adding Related Work Orders

If a technician notices an issue during a routine inspection, simply add a work order. It will relate to the inspection and will instantly be part of the Singu FM online ticketing system so it can be tended to.

Adding Files

Add attachments such as pictures or protocols to any task on the inspection’s list.

Adding Costs

Add costs so role players can easily manage budgets relating to the inspection. Users can upload information and quotes.

Report Generation

Print out a detailed inspection report, containing all relevant information, such as actions performed, measurements taken, date of inspection and more. With space for signatures it makes for easy record keeping and control if you need paper copies of reports.

Scanned Reports

Any printed and signed report can be added as a scan. It will be associated with the inspection for easy reference in future.