On-site Visits

Action List

The list of necessary actions shown in the work order management system gives you clear insight on what needs to be done at any given time.

Visit Costs

The financial aspect of building management is easier and more accurate with Singu FM facilities management helpdesk software. External service, technicians or subcontractors can add the cost of their visit to each digital work order and relevant individuals can monitor charges via the system.

Printing Visit Protocols

Save relevant reports easily by generating a certain protocol with specific data. A new protocol can be created with only a few clicks and you can save it all in PDF format for printing or archiving.

Capture Signatures

Technicians and clients can easily sign off on a work order via Singu FM app.

Parts Assignment

If a technician needs a certain part or consumable, the facility management solutions allow you to add it to the work order. The equipment maintenance tracking system keeps all relevant information in one place.

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