In the competitive world of industrial real estate, asset managers and real estate owners strive to optimize their operations and enhance tenant satisfaction. Panattoni – the largest industrial real estate developer in Europe, recognized the need for an innovative solution to streamline facility and maintenance management.

Spanning fifteen parks in Czechia and Slovakia, Singu FM offered Panattoni a unique opportunity to elevate their maintenance processes and unlock numerous benefits for owners, facility and asset managers, and tenants.

Singu FM seamlessly handled over 5,000 maintenance requests, empowering asset managers to swiftly respond to tenant needs while efficiently tracking the progress of work orders.

"As the largest industrial property developer in Europe, we are constantly looking for new, innovative technologies that can be used to manage a large portfolio. With the introduction of CAFM systems and cloud technologies, we have already seen their potential. Singu FM has brought transparency to our tenant relationships, optimised and streamlined our maintenance processes and enabled us to make informed decisions based on real-time data across our parks in the Czech Republic and Slovakia", Robert Chmelař, Head of Property Management CZ

The software provided a centralized and easily accessible annual report for the maintenance plan, empowering efficient asset management and minimizing downtime.

Through improved planned and preventive maintenance management, Singu FM enhanced asset lifespan, ensured regulatory compliance, and significantly increased operational efficiency by automating inspections and reducing administrative tasks.

Communication between technical services was no longer a challenge. Technicians could access work orders and relevant information on their mobile devices, fostering collaboration and reducing response times, ultimately enhancing tenant satisfaction.

"Most importantly, Singu FM has enabled us to efficiently track who accepted what, when tickets were reported and much more. A CAFM system such as Singu fundamentally streamlines our operations, managing multiple facilities across the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thanks to the tracked data collected, we can continue to improve and optimize our buildings both technically and in terms of media consumption", Robert Chmelař, Head of Property Management CZ

Looking ahead, Singu FM will seamlessly integrate with Business Intelligence, unlocking new possibilities for superior management and providing valuable key performance indicators.

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