PropTech: The Key to Efficiency - How Savills Advisory Firm Invests in New Technologies That Support the Property Management Team in Their Daily Work

In a world where technology and sustainable development join forces to shape the future, Savills advisory firm, a global leader in the commercial real estate market, is setting new standards for the industry.

Wioletta Nowotnik, Director of the Property Management Department at Savills, is responsible for the office sector. Wioletta Nowotnik will discuss how the firm implements and utilizes modern solutions in an interview with Łukasz Szweblik, a PropTech expert from Velis Real Estate Tech.

Before delving into the details of the technologies Savills uses on a daily basis, I would like to hear your perspective on the key challenges currently facing the real estate sector. What are the crucial areas that require innovation and adaptation?

Currently, the commercial real estate market faces a range of challenges stemming from the dynamic changes in the expectations of our clients and investors. We clearly see how technology is transforming the sector, demanding flexibility and a readiness for continuous innovation. One of the most important directions gaining significance is sustainable development, and issues related to upcoming EU directives focusing on ESG are front of mind.

It has become necessary to acquire new, more detailed property data. In practice, this means integrating with various building management systems, sensors, energy providers, and lease management systems. However, above all, it requires a holistic approach to integration and strong project management skills in these fields. It's crucial to meet the growing demands of investors and tenants.

Furthermore, modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence, process automation, and large-scale data analysis, offer new possibilities and challenges for the real estate sector. To remain competitive and efficient, companies must not only invest in new technological solutions but also adeptly implement and utilize them.

I'm curious about the key factors that prompted Savills to make decisions about investing in PropTech. Could you reveal the main motivation behind this change?

Investing in new technologies for real estate is an integral part of Savills' development strategy. We are aware that technology has a significant impact on the real estate industry and can greatly streamline our management processes and services. Introducing innovative technological solutions enables us to be more efficient, enhances our competitiveness, and provides better experiences for our clients. We invest in new technologies to keep up with changing customer needs and to be a leader in the industry. We offer comprehensive advisory services for the real estate market, which focus on managing office, commercial, and industrial-warehouse properties.

Could you share Savills' plans for the future and how you envision further development?

Our company is constantly seeking growth opportunities. Our strategy is based, among other things, on identifying promising areas, where we see growth potential and demand for real estate advisory services. Our goal is not only expansion but also maintaining and  strengthening our position in each of the sectors where we operate. We will certainly continue to invest in new technologies, but only those that deliver real added value to our services and have a positive impact on our clients.

You mentioned a range of technologies that are crucial to remaining competitive in the market. Could you provide an example of an implemented solution and show how it has affected property management and technical maintenance?

Since 2018, Savills has been using the Singu FM application. It is a comprehensive CAFM-application that enables us to efficiently manage and maintain our clients' office buildings. With this tool, we can effectively monitor all maintenance, repair, and technical maintenance requests and respond to them in real time. Singu FM allows us to quickly add requests and assign them to the appropriate teams or service providers. Additionally, it streamlines the planning and execution of technical inspections, minimizing the risk of breakdowns and keeping our properties in the proper technical condition.

Singu FM - facility management software

The benefits of implementing new technologies are often manifold but also very specific to each company. Could you tell us more about the advantages that the Singu FM system brings to Savills?

We have implemented Singu FM in over 20 of the office properties we manage, with more planned. We use the Singu FM application to oversee all requests related to maintenance, repairs, and technical upkeep. This solution gives us full control over the process, allowing us to quickly respond to any faults or malfunctions. We know when a specific device needs to be checked or when its inspection deadline is approaching. Using Singu helps replace paper documentation with electronic records, and cost approval becomes even more efficient because the application maintains a complete history and cost transparency. Singu FM also enables us to effectively plan and execute technical inspections.

This solution gives us full control over the process, allowing us to quickly respond to any faults or malfunctions.

Wioletta Nowotnik, Director of the Property Management Department at Savills

Could you tell us more about how the Singu FM system has impacted efficiency and time management in your teams?

Apart from increasing control over the process of responding to fault reports, resulting in faster and more efficient technical issue resolutions, Singu FM allows us to reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and repairs.

Furthermore, this solution significantly reduces the time needed to create reports. Singu FM also ensures the centralization of property-related information, enabling us to generate advanced analyses and reports that are extremely useful for property management.

Thank you, Ms. Wioletta, for sharing your insights and examples of your innovation and commitment to utilizing new technologies. I wish you continued success and remarkable projects in the future!

Thank you for the interview.

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