Client description

Inter Cars is the largest importer and distributor of replacement parts for passenger and commercial vehicles in CEE. The company owns and manages a portfolio of logistics centers located in Masovian voivodship with a total space of more than 100 000 sq. m. Its warehouses use cutting-edge technologies, including goods-sorting machines (20 000 pieces per hour).

The business need

A growing real estate portfolio required the use of software to support management in the field of property and facility management for a number of geographically dispersed facilities. The key areas were reactive and preventive maintenance as well as managing external services. The support was also required for centralized reporting and managing various documents of the buildings.

“Implementing Singu FM system in our company has streamlined central management ofour properties portfolio. We’ve gained a tool to verify the quality of the service works, wehave also significantly limited a paperwork. Added value offered by the system made usdecide to launch the system across our key properties.”

- Tomasz Wysocki, Administration Specialist, lnter Cars

The solution

Singu FM solution has streamlined the reactive as well as preventive maintenance. The process of handling enquires became clear to both managers and to third parties. The ability to capture existing costs facilitated the subsequent accounting and budgeting. Logistics centers were equipped with one, central tool for managing the entire portfolio of its assets. The management team was given a tool allowing to evaluate the effectiveness and duration of the enquiries. Additionally, the system allowed for service quality monitoring as it automatically sends satisfaction surveys after each ticket resolution. What is more, the mobile version has also been implemented, enabling remote operation and reducing a number of paper documents. Mobility, in particular, has reduced administrative workload throughout the whole team maintaining the company’s portfolio.

Achieved objectives

After four months of implementation, the system was launched for 36 buildings. Currently, it supports several thousand reactive maintenance tickets per year and 1000 inspections of check-ups are planned annually. The system supports the work of more than a hundred people in the team. Thanks to Singu FM implementation, the following goals were achieved:

  • Automation of accounting of performed work orders
  • Improvement of delegating requests to individual companies
  • Enabling centralized reporting and managing of building documentation
  • Improvement the transparency of the information flow
  • Receiving high ranks during ISO and OHS audits

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